Gabby Douglas Just Scored The Best Modeling Gig With Nike Ever


Gabby Douglas is out here making waves and this time it isn’t necessarily about defying gravity. She is lending her beauty and athletic physique to the Nike brand modeling athleisure wear.

Lets face it, we all wear athletic clothing outside of the gym because frankly, we all want to be comfortable and while getting things done throughout the day.

According to an exclusive with Teen Vogue :

There’s simply no separating activewear from everyday wear anymore. Showing off a sporty get-up is no longer a sign of “giving up on other clothes” — it’s a signal that you’re a trendsetter, and quite honestly, that you’re on your grind getting things done.

Now as you probably know, myriad brands have jumped on the athleisure bandwagon but none have done it quite like Nike. Enter: their 2016 Tech Fleece Collection, which combines their Nike Tech Fleece with Nike Tech Knit for the first time ever. Think lightweight and ultra-plush material, but warm and breathable at the same time. Oh and did we mention insanely stylish, too? But let’s be real: that was a given.

So who’s the face of Nike’s iconic campaign, you ask? None other than gravity-defying, 100-watt-smiling, Olympian Gabby Douglas. (We’ll let that sink in for just a sec).

When we heard the news, we couldn’t help but feel like proud parents of the tremendous girl that recently graced the cover of our August issue.

Put simply: she couldn’t be more perfect for this role, as she expertly straddles the line of fashion and athletics — look no further than her flawless dark lip on the floor for proof. Not only is she a fiercely inimitable athlete, but she’s also a young woman that embodies everything Nike stands for: honor, perseverance, success, and fun. Naturally, Gabby slays in the collection — see below for the exclusive Teen Vogue photos! — and is further proof that we all need to jump on board the athleisure train immediately.





Congratulations Gabby!– You look beautiful!


  1. YES!! Please help me convince Mattel to mass produce the Gabby Douglas doll! I have created a petition asking Mattel to mass produce the doll. I’d love it if you would consider signing the petition and sharing it. We really need more positive role models like Gabby in the lives of children!
    – You can find a link to the petition on my web site:
    – OR go directly to the petition:

    Thank you

    • It’s sad that you have to beg its a no brainer. It’s Mattel’s loss. I would if i had something to gain from it. but im sorry it makes me feel like im kissing arssse if i go forward. I cant do it sorry but good luck i would like to see it happen as well fingers crossed.

  2. Gabby douglas complexion is so beautifully made 3timez the chocolate and congrats to yur career and to yur awesomely beautiful teamates and yur smile is winning

  3. I am soooo very proud of this Beautiful young lady. Gabby Douglas is determined, smart, beautiful, honest, family orientated and a true athlete.
    Love her drive, her gentleness, but strong personality. Keep it moving Gabby. I love you girl. You are growing into a beautiful young lady. Keep it moving girl.

  4. It’s about time I certainly open the door where all are treated with the respect they deserve regardless of color.

  5. I think the girls from track and field should have given this. Gabby does not fit wearing nike. I don’t like nike period. Better brands out there people less expensive

  6. Continue to trust in the one who brought you through the path,to the place where you are now . Congrats, live the blessings to the fullest!

  7. Such a beautiful person. A Positive light in a dark world. I too think that someone should make a Gabby Doll. I would love for my grand daughters and nieces and little cousins to have one. Okay, I like dolls too.

  8. This is awesome! I’m so happy for this young lady. I hope this lifts her spiritually and help her to know that no matter what others say about her, God was caring her all along. He had another plan for her life.


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