Gabouery Sidibe Was Painted By Sam Pratt And She Asked Him To Represent Her As Herself


Gabourey Sidibe by Sam Spratt

Gabourey Sidibe was very specific when she consulted with Painter Sam Pratt about what she wanted her self-portrait to look like. This is what she told him:

I guess … did you ever watch the show Community? Ya know how the school’s mascot is the human being? I mean, I don’t want to be a grey faceless spandex blob like that, but I’d like to just be a human being. Not someone’s message or idea of what I stand for because of what I look like, just a human, how you’d paint me if I were anyone else.


Gabby did not want to represent BBW she wanted to just be herself for once which is hard for someone who is constantly in the spot light.

I think he nailed the painting, what about you, did he nail it?


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