It’s About To Get Bananas! – Try These Two Banana Based Hair Masks To Reduce Breakage


I know that title is corny but I am glad you decided to read this anyway. I am not a big fan of bananas in my hair but that doesn’t detract from the fact that they make excellent conditioners so I tolerate them on particularly dry days!

Bananas are rich in potassium, water, carbohydrates and natural oils, all of which help to soften and repair the hair strand structure which can help you reduce annoying breakage issues.

The potassium in particular can restore your hairs natural elasticity and bring back its tinsel strength reducing friction and frizz. In addition to potassium bananas also contain vitamin A, C, B6, and E, as well as the minerals zinc and iron. They are exactly what you need for strong moisturized hair.

In this post I wanted to share two great Banana based hair masks you should try this weekend especially since many of us are getting hit hard with the cold weather.

Check them out:

1. Banana and Honey Mask

This mask is specifically for us girls with very fine and porous strands because the honey in the mask will attract moisture to our hair during these cold winter days.


1-2 bananas depending on size
1-2 tablespoon(s) of honey

Mash the banana(s) in a bowl until smooth, and then simply add the honey to the mix! you can choose to blend the mix for smoother application because chunks of banana in your hair can be a tad bit annoying.

Leave the mask on your already damp for at least thirty minutes and then wash and then condition as normal.

2.0Banana and Greek Yogurt Strengthening Hair Mask


1/2 ripe banana
1 or more tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt
3 teaspoon honey


In a small bowl, mash banana and add yogurt and mix in honey to create a smooth mix, you can also blend as well! Apply the mask to your damp hair and let it marinate covered for at least thirty minutes. Thoroughly rinse hair Shampoo and condition as normal.

Try either one of these recipes and be sure let me know how they work out for you!


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