How Do I Get My Child’s Hair To Grow Faster?


Yesterday a mom sent me a note sharing that her 3yr old daughter cut the hair of her 7yr old daughter. Her question was how does she get her daughter’s hair to grow faster due to the setback.

We have all been there, a toddler gets a hold of some scissors and its a wrap for anything in his or her path! As cute as that story might be, the aftermath isn’t as easy!

The first thing I told mom was to remain patient because the truth is children have it so much better than adults because everything is growing at such a rapid rate from the time they are born.

In my E-book, Hair Care For Kids With Kinky Curly Hair, one of the main points I wanted to make is that you have to have a ton of patience when dealing with your child’s hair and you have to be consistent.

There are no magic pills or products that will “get your child’s hair to grow faster” except for great nutrition and nurturing the child’s hair to help her retain the length she gains.

Here are 4 ways to help your child retain length:

Focus on moisture

Children with kinky curly hair will have more dry spells than you (the adult) will have because of how active they are. Imagine running and rolling around all day long, on the playground or just participating in Summer activities, the toll that would have on your strands are unreal.

It is so important that you focus on hydrating your child’s curls often and keeping the hair in a protective style so that she can maintain that moisture for more than a couple days.

Use the Loc method to moisturize her curls as often as you determine that she needs it. Read more about the LOC method here.

Protective styles

I mentioned this briefly above but I cannot stress enough how important protective styles are for children. Your child’s hair is always growing so retaining that length is what makes it seem as if it is growing super fast.

The only way to retain great length is to braid her hair or keep her hair in twists. You can opt to use additional hair for some styles but because children’s edges and nape areas are very fine and very sensitive I would advise that creating elaborate styles with added hair should be avoided.

Allowing her hair to flourish is much better when using her own hair to create styles and paying very close attention to how tight braids and twists are.

deep condition/steam weekly

Deep conditioning her hair is important when trying to help her retain moisture but it is also a great way to add oils that encourage hair growth as well. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, aloe vera are all great for her hair and nourish her strands from the outside in.

Create hot oil treatments, and pre poo treatments using oils and products for her hair that will not only hydrate her stands but keep them strong and growing as well.


Quality nutrition is important for human development and it starts at birth. If you think your child needs a vitamin visit with her pediatrician for recommendations on what’s best for her.

If your child isn’t great with veggies and bribes do not work, make yummy smoothies and hide vegetables in the smoothies. Sometimes for children, it is more about presentation and perception over taste so parents have to get super tricky with picky eaters.

Finally, be patient and consistent once you have created a regimen that works for your child, consistency is what will help you meet the goals that you have set for your little one.

If you are interested in great regimen for your little one with type 4 hair, click here and here.

Watch Hazel_Goddess demonstrate an easy routine for her child’s hair geared towards hair growth:

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