Get Into This Cute Curly Fro Done On Transitioning Hair By Jamia



  1. Because historically black women have been told that their our natural isn’t pretty or acceptable so black women wig it weave it or straighten it. Yes black women do have beautiful hair underneath all that.

  2. Although your comment may have been harmless the people who lashed out saw some flaws. 1. Why do y’all go in debt *many don’t have to go in bebt to wear extensions. But it’s like asking any women why they pay money to make an effort to look good once in a while. Natural is beautiful but change is good. It is indeed also a way to protect our hair. And 2. There’s many strictly natural girls. Its kind of annoying like people who ask why do you wear make-up. It’s a preference.

  3. Omg! She was actually complementing our natural hair, and asking why would we cover it with weave. some of you’ll are so ignorant… Michele Wasson as for your question, sometimes it’s for convenience, because our natural hair can be time-consuming

  4. Some of Our hair is so coarse that sometimes it’s just easier to do a weave but you’re right we do spend a lot on our hair but I will say this it can get expensive if you’re a product junkie she didn’t mean any disrespect by asking a question she’s just curious and doesn’t know about our hair but thank you for the compliment

  5. Michele Wasson its more convenient for me personally &I also like to look different. If you can’t do hair like myself weave is a blessing. So I hope that helped answer your question. Kim Shippy I use different oil products so my hair can shine

  6. Not exactly sure why people were so disrespectful to you. That was embarrassing. To answer you this woman is transitioning to becoming natural which means she’s gradually cutting off the chemical or damaged ends as her hair grows out. Some women prefer this over the big chop so that they can retain length. Not every woman that utilizes weaves is going into debt either. It is used as a protective style at times to experiment and protect our hair. Thank you for appreciating our hair Love! ❤️

  7. Just an fyi because black women have been told for many many years even now that natural black hair isn’t beautiful, when you ask a question like the one you did you are asking for it even though you mean no harm.

  8. Goldminn Joi she was not saying it wasn’t. She was actually stating the fact that she thinks natural is beautiful & she was actually trying to gain a better understanding of why so many black women choose to spend so much money on other options when natural is so beautiful. There was absolutely no reason for to call her a fat cow for her genuinely trying to gain an understanding. Michele Wasson everyone has their preference but you are right natural is beautiful in all states but some women simply prefer other options or sometimes other things like health issues or damaged hair play a factor in what is done with one’s hair & I am so sorry for the name calling I can’t speak for the woman who initially commented but I apologize because it was truly uncalled for.

  9. Damn shame. We criticize other ethnicities for their ill-mannered assumptions of our cultural expression, and then berate someone for trying to understand our way. Maybe she used incorrect dialogue to prove her point but her reasoning was pure. She simply wanted to understand.

    Fucking ridiculous.

    Michele, please take note from those that tried to help. I, for one, appreciate you for asking a question you didn’t know the answer to.

  10. I only get it when I can afford to and I want something different. I refuse to go into debt for anybody’s hair…relaxed or natural. I tried going natural, it wasn’t for me…so I have relaxed, healthy hair but alternate with a weave every now and the. When I want to give my hair a break or just don’t feel like doing it or getting it done. It also allows me not to touch my hair for a while and to help it to grow out.

  11. Black women are not the only ones wearing weaves and wigs. Women of all races wear weaves and wigs. I think white women call them extensions. You all glue them in and sew them in also but you mostly do clip ins. We are also sure white women unbleached, unpermed, Unstraighten hair is also beautiful without those modifications. Black women don’t question why white women do certain things to their hair and how or if they can afford to. I’m also sure they don’t go into debt when they do these modifications to their natural hair so please don’t assume black women do.

    The point i’m trying to make is that almost ALL women at some point in their lives modify their hairstyles. It’s their choice. They can go natural or they can change it to what ever they want. Don’t make assumptions!

  12. Simply answers to simple questions. People spend their money the way they want regardless of on hair, nails, etc. This question didn’t offend me as well as it shouldn’t others. If one of “our” girlfriends or relatives asked the same question we’d answer it with pleasure.

  13. Michelle…..first of all….how would YOU KNOW about the debts of black women? There are millions of us boo boo….Secondly….why are you even asking such a dumb assed question.? Just read and keep silent so u don’t embarrass yourself…OK?

  14. 1) what setting product did you use and how did you get the shine
    2) what’s the name and artist of that song? Very upbeat and cute! Thanks in advance.


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