How To Get A Sleek And Defined Perm Rod Set For Super Thick Type 4 Hair


Naturally Temi recently dropped a tutorial on how to get super defined perm rod curls on very thick type 4 curls. I loved this video because I get a ton of questions about how to achieve sleek styles when you have thick, tight curls. The truth is it takes a few things to achieve the style and this tutorial embodies all of it.

Here are 5 ways to improve your sleek sets when you have super tight curls and very thick hair.

1. Use small sections

Smaller sections allows you to affect the curl pattern more effectively. Have you ever heard the term, “Divide and conquer?” – The only way to slay thick hair is to separate the clumps into small enough sections to manipulate them.

2. Use a defining product

Foams are a favorite amongst stylists and those of us who want some hold but soft hair. If you want a smoother look use a foam over a gel.

3. Make sure your set is dry

This is huge! If you want your curls to be defined you have to let it dry. Use a hair dryer, wait a couple of days do whatever it takes to get your hair dry.

4. Separate the curls carefully

Use some oil on your finger tips and be very deliberate with how you separate your curls. You do not want to rake through your hair or rush the process because it will cause frizz and ruin the set.

And finally watch this video:

Hydratherma Foaming Mousse



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