These Ghana Cornrows With A 3 Layer Design Could Save Your Edges And Nape Area


I am always looking for new techniques or techniques that are not mainstream that can satisfy two needs! One, the technique makes our life easier and two it makes our hair healthier.

Box Braids can sometimes get a bad rap because when installed too tightly they can lead to hair loss in the most sensitive areas of our head, the edges, crown and nape area. (Even some types of Ghana cornrows that do not use the 3 layer design can be dangerous for your sensitive scalp areas.)

One of the biggest tips that I have received and given to naturals over the years who have had hair loss in the nape and edges area is using cornrows to isolate the areas. What that means is that you should cornrow your nape area from left to right to protect it and you should cornrow your edges (in the natural direction of the broken area) as well to protect them from everyday styling.  3 layer Ghana cornrows employ that same concept which is why I think they might be a great alternative to box braids and regular ghana cornrows.

What are Ghana Cornrows?

To be honest, I can show you better than I can explain it, but the gist of it is starting your braids as a corn row for about 3 inches of the length of your hair and then allowing the braids to fall freely. Regular box braids start at the root and flow freely from root to tip.

Regular box braids can pull on sensitive areas especially when installed too tight and 3 layer Ghana Cornrows can be a great option for those of you who want braids but do not want to lose your edges and nape in the process.

Another benefit of 3 layer ghana braids is that you will have less braids in comparison to regular box braids which means less hair on your head.

Watch this tutorial from World Of Braiding to see exactly what I mean:

What do you think, are Ghana cornrows safer for your edges and nape? Comment below I would love to hear your opinion.


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