Girl Crushing On Skater Briana King [Photos + Videos]

Briana King

Here is what I know about Briana King, she is a carefree black girl, she skates, her hair is dope and she is often the subject of artistic and creative video and photography content.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love Instagram! I love it because it is a treasure trove for people who want to share moments of their life and leave us guessing and piecing it all together.

The awesome thing about it is that most of us share the really great stuff, the things that make us happy or look good. Even when we are keeping it real so to speak, the pictures that are the “realest” still represent the best of who we are.

I often wonder if I could really learn about a person by what they share on social media especially when I can tell that most of what they share are real life and not some made up sh*t.

Briana caught my eye because of how AMAZING her hair is, how amazing her photos are and well how many black women do you know that skate? –So yea she will make a girl stop and click on a few videos here and there.

Briana is the epitome of the #freedomfro phenomenon because is all her photos she allows her curls to just fly free without inhibition. She plays, jumps, and takes pictures with her hair in the rawest for and I cannot help but appreciate that.

Check out the view:

A video posted by Briana King (@brianaking_) on

andrewjdorn photo
Briana King For @andrewjdorn

Bri 5


bri 333

Briana 3

briana 4

briana 20


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