Going Nude? Here Are 4 Great Brands Perfect For Every Skin Tone


For decades now, it seems like it has been a hassle to find “nude” colored anything for women darker than a warm beige; nude has–for the most part– meant a very light tan or nothing at all. Clearly, that is going to cause some problems for women of color who are looking for underwear or lipstick that are a perfect match for their skin tone but cannot find anything even remotely close.

Luckily, a few brands, such as Rank & Style, in recent years have noticed this problem and have recognized the importance of including women with all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Whether you’re in need for a natural and sultry eyeshadow or a nearly unnoticeable bra to wear under your dress, you have plenty of options now.
Below are 4 great brands perfect for any woman looking to go nude.

Nubian Skin

After being frustrated with the lack of diversity in skin tones when shopping for nude-colored hosiery, London-based entrepreneur Ade Hassan took matters into her own hands and created “Nubian Skin”.

Nubian Skin is a company dedicated to supplying Black Women with different styles of everyday hosiery and lingerie that perfectly match their skin tones. If you need a great quality pair of cinnamon-colored pantyhose, they have them! Need a lacy, nude strapless bra for date night? They have those too!

Nubian Skin is perfect for every occasion, and the best part? They have a skin tone chart on their website to help you pick which color would match you best! You can cop all of these great products on their website or at one of their many stockists, including Nordstrom!

Rimmell London Lasting Finish By Kate Nude Collection

When a company says they have nude lipstick, you can almost guarantee they mean pink. Unfortunately, that is not cutting it for most women of color who need a variation of browns, oranges, pinks, and even purple undertones to pull off a nude look.

Model Kate Moss teamed up with Rimmell London to create the “Lasting Finish” Nude Collection. Complete with 10 different shades from natural coffee tones to a very stylish brandy, this nude collection has a moisturizing look, matte finish, and lasts all day long.

You can purchase them on the website or stop by your local drugstore and find all different shades for the low!

SKIN By Habiba Da Silva

SKIN by Habiba Da Silva

Created as a way to promote togetherness and inclusive of all Muslim women, beauty blogger Habiba Da Silva put together a collection of nude-colored hijabs appropriately titled “SKIN”.

Each hijab carries the theme of “marriage” and is named after words that are tied to weddings/marriage. For example, the medium brown hijab is named ‘Rukhsati’ after a traditional Pakistani wedding ceremony.

This isn’t to show a union between man and wife; instead, it is a metaphor for the connection and bond between people of all different types of backgrounds and cultures.


Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes

For many young women taking interest in makeup in the 2000s, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette was the beginning of the classic “nude trend” that resurfaces nearly every decade. Filled with a variety of different earth tones and nude colors such as a shimmery golden bronze and deep copper, the Naked palette is the queen of all staple products and a go-to basic product.

Urban Decay initially started off with one palette that had the basic light tans and browns, but after it was majorly successful, they went on to create a second and third palette.

In my opinion, all women of all skin tones can use all three. However, I’d day WoC that are medium brown and darker should invest in Naked3 palette because it plays off your undertones–warm or cool–the best.


  1. Ive tried those colors that are suppose to be nude for darker skin, but they all seem to go ashy or chalky. What am I doing wrong or is there something darker skins must do like maybe use a concealer or eye base?


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