This Black-Owned Beauty Salon Doubles As A Self-Care Oasis for Women of Color


Godbody is the newest black-owned beauty salon in Oakland, California.

The thing that makes Godbody unique is that it’s not just your regular run of the mill salon where you go and get your hair done and then dip. 

No, it’s a whole hair and beauty destination specializing in healthy, holistic haircare and wellness from the inside out.

That’s right—it’s also a self-care oasis for women of color.

And if that alone wasn’t impressive, Godbody founder Brittany Barnes opened the salon in October 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview last year, Barnes detailed how she overcame the struggles to open a now successful beauty salon that caters to textured hair:

“2020 was a difficult year but seeing GoodBody flourish despite that really highlighted the true need for a space that offers our guests a place to relax, be seen and heard, and treated as individuals,” says Barnes.

“So many textured hair womxn have to visit multiple destinations to get their desired style – they get blowouts and haircuts at one salon, braids at another.

At GoodBody, we provide full-service haircare in a singular destination with services that speak to the diversity and beauty of textured hair.”

She goes on to say that great aesthetics are equally important as great service: “It was important to make this space special design-wise.

There are not enough beautiful spaces created for black women.” 

While Godbody is a beauty salon that prides themselves in how much they cater to women, the oasis —that is decked with grand 25ft arches, bold, luxurious colors, and gaudy light-donned mirrors—has served almost 2000 women and men since they opened their doors. 

Check out some pictures of the inside of Brittany Barnes gorgeous, Oakland-based beauty salon and self-care oasis, Godbody, below. 

Beauty Salon Godbody Oakland CA


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