Gorgeous Bride! Mya Shares A Wedding Photo From Her ‘Wedding’ In Seychelles


According to the blogs our favorite artist Mya had a “secret wedding” to a “mystery guy” in Seychelles! *insert rolling eyes* emoji here.

Turns out It was all a trick but anyway, according to TMZ The R&B songstress got secretly married last year. Sources close to Mya tell TMZ that the singer tied the knot in December during an intimate beach ceremony in the Seychelles islands off the African coast.

Check out the picture she decided to share on Instagram wishing her followers a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Thank you for all of the beautiful messages & happy V-day. 🙏🏾💙 ~ Officially, Mrs. Lansky

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The truth is Mya was actually promoting her new music video for her song “The Truth”.



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