Great Product Alert!- Stop Wigs from Sliding And Save Your Edges – No Glue No Tape


Ladies, I know many of you love rocking a dope wig every now and again especially when you need a break or just as a protective style.

One of the biggest challenges women often talk about is having the wig slip throughout the day or simply having it fall off which can be very embarrassing.

With that said I came across a Video where a young lady described a pretty neat product that I think would be awesome for some of my wig wearers out there.

It’s called a WiGrip and it’s made of velvet and looks like a band that you can wrap around your head to keep the wig in place.

I was attracted to it because even if you do not wear a wig it is also great for those of you who tend to lose your bonnet at night as well.

Check out this video:

Awesome right? If you want one you can get it on Amazon here.  If you prefer the Prime version, it is a little more expensive but click here.



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