A Great Protective Style Perm Rod Technique For Women With 4C Hair

coily protective style

Women with type 4C hair have very beautiful, tightly curled hair and as a result often find it difficult to stretch their hair and wear sleek defined styles that last for a long time. With that said I think I have discovered something that can help.

To be honest I have never seen this technique before but after seeing it for the first time I knew it would be beneficial for women with tight curls.

The technique involves creating small comb coils and then using a perm rod to create super defined long-lasting curls that resemble mini twists.

Three things you should know:

1. you need the right products

This blog post is sponsored by Natural Oasis Products, a company that creates spa-like products that are not only healthy for your hair but completely edible. Every product is created by hand and is designed to help women who suffer from scalp ailments and allergens to have a great option for hair care.

I love Natural Oasis because I am a huge proponent of using all natural products on your hair for best results. I think the closer we get to purchasing healthy products with superb ingredients the closer we will get to healthy growing hair.

2. Technique matters

It is easy to do this style yourself by just watching this step by step tutorial carefully I am sure you can recreate the style.

What you will need:

Large Tooth Comb and Rat-Tail Comb

Perms Rods, Various Sizes, about 20-30

Protective Band or Scrunchy for creating Up-Do (optional)

How to:

Step 1: Cleanse and Clarify

Step 2: Moisturize, Soften & Detangle.

Step 3: Control Breakage, Strengthen & Provide Curl memory.
Step 4: Coil

Step 5: Roll

Step 6: Define, Add Superior Shine & Seal in Curls.

Watch below:

3. This can be a great protective style

I never ever thought of a perm rod set as a protective style until I saw this technique. If you are looking for something different as well as a way to stretch your hair this is the style for you.

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Happy styling!



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