Gucci Mocked On Social Media For Their “Distressed Tights”

Gucci distressed tights on the market

Gucci is again the center of attention on social media, this time because of newly surfaced photographs from seller websites Modesens and Clothbase showing models in “stretched mesh distressed tights”.

That’s the fancy way of saying, stockings with runs in them.

The same kind we used to wear back in the day when you were running around too much after church and you snag the new stockings your mom or grandma just got you.

Yep, those ones!

The stockings are hilarious but the price tag! Girl!! $190 DOWLAS

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(in our Jackie Aina voice). Look at these things:


Gucci Distressed tights being sold

Gucci tights

gucci distressed tights

On Twitter, women are questioning the validity of the ad altogether, one user asking if the tights are even real.

Another offering to make their own version:

another user saying that Gucci used her church tights for inspo!

and this one:

and like everything, some users are blaming 2020:

We were a bit skeptical of the validity of the tights ourselves, but after a little digging (not much), we did see the tights on Modesens and Clothbase, here and here.

Heers the thing though, Gucci will win in the end because we know somebody is going to buy these things.

Last year distressed torn shirts and muddy sneakers were all the rage and people spent thousands on them.

As a matter of fact, in 2017 The Guardian had an article that made it clear that people have loved the ripped and grunge look for decades regardless of how much we make fun of them on social media. 

Read below via the Guardian in 2017:

Head of womenswear buying, Leanne Sabatino, says that for the new season River Island has increased its “offering to include nibbled/slashed pieces”, and that, in denim, there has been a “definite uplift in the demand for distressed clothing versus 2016”.

Search “distressed” on Asos and hundreds of items come up.

The look might have a habit of jumping the shark: in 2014, Adidas brought out a pair of trainers covered in “handcrafted mud” and in the same year, Japanese denim brand Zoo Jeans championed jeans that had been pre-torn by lions, tigers, and bears – oh my.

But the art of ageing clothes has its roots deeper than just fake mud – rips and holes are as synonymous with DIY punk fashion as safety pins and pink mohawks.

The grand dame of the punk era, Vivienne Westwood, made clothes with intentional stains, rips and missing arms. And in the 80s, Comme des Garçons’ Rei Kawakubo forged pieces from faded cottons, sun-baked silks and boiled woollens.

In 1982 she decorated a jumper with several gaping holes and called the look “Comme des Garçons lace”. Dutch avant garde designer Martin Margiela, known for his so-called “le mode destroy”, championed distressing.

In the 90s, the grunge movement fed into fashion with tatters and knitwear that looked like moths had been feasting on it. In 1993 Hussein Chalayan buried a collection in his friend’s garden and left it to decay for months.

The 1995 collection seen by some as the “show that launched Alexander McQueen’s career” featured white angular-shouldered jackets, shirts and silky dresses with tyre marks on them – one of the models even had tracks running across her body.

So! we will see how the ripped Gucci tights sell, I have a feeling folks are making fun now and pulling out thier American Express later!

What do you think, did Gucci go too far or is this something you think people will low key buy.


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