Gwen Stefani Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Dreadlocks In New Music Video


Gwen Stefani, Sean Paul, and Shensea just dropped the music video for their new song “Light My Fire” and it did not disappoint!

According to Yahoo Sean reflected on the track and video, saying, “‘Light My Fire’ is an epic dream come true.

I’ve been a fan of Gwen Stefani forever and Shenseea – I am so proud of all she’s accomplished in such a short time. ‘Light My Fire’ is a big bad lover’s rock song and we had to represent it with a big bad video.

We went retro on the attire in the video and basically getting ready to party and some lovers rocking.

It’s a vibe we hope everyone gets when they listen to the track—feel good and party lovers rock style.”

Watch the video below:

Even though we watched the video a couple of times, cultural appropriation never crossed our minds until we visited Twitter and saw all of the Gwen Stefani tweets.

According to Page Six in the video, Gwen wears dreadlocks and a dress in the colors of the Jamaican flag, which swiftly sparked accusations of cultural appropriation on social media.

“no one can appropriate a culture the way gwen stefani does💀,” one person tweeted, sharing images of Stefani sporting cornrows, henna and more in past videos.

“Ahhhh Gwen Stefani went back to her Jamaican roots. Nature is really healing,” another critic joked.

Some folks called out her traditionally black hairstyle specifically, with one tweeting, “Gwen Stefani even has ~dread~ like twists in that video. I am proper screaming. She has seen all the tweets saying her cultural appropriation era is missed and she said BET.”

Another quipped, “As a south Asian who grew up in the 90s, I feel her current appropriation is cheating on us. How could you, Gwen? I thought that bindi was forever.”







Are they reaching?

Comment below!

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