I absolutely love H.E.R’s music and when I saw her pictures for High Snobiety Magazine I was like geez this woman is gorgeous!

Her hair was styled by @ninamoniquehair and she kept the look big, playful and effortless.

Check out some of the looks below:

Apart from her stunning looks H.E.R did a pretty candid interview. She spoke about a variety things including her music and what “HER” means from her perspective.

Via High Snobiety:

<h2>HS</h2>: I think it’s awesome that you even were able to have a separate moniker and do your own thing and not necessarily even need to be on social media which is so hard to have the separation.

<h2>H.E.R</h2>: Yeah, it is.

I’m on social media, I don’t follow anybody, and I try to keep up with the times just enough, but not enough to where I lose myself, compare myself, or get lost in those thoughts. H.E.R., the idea of and the concept of H.E.R., is really just my inner self. A lot of people say, “Oh, is it separate?

Is it somebody else? Is it your alter ego? What is it?” It’s really just my inner self because I say all the things that’s sitting in back of my mind. Now I realize it’s in the back of other people’s minds because they relate to the music. It’s all the things that are extremely deep within my heart and my mind, and those are all the things that I think about and say. This is them both.

It represents me, who I am at this point, so it’s important to separate my younger self and everything that came with being signed at 14 and that has to do with my past. I’ve moved forward. We all grow up, we all talk about the past, and sometimes it’s hard to see your little sister grow up.

It’s hard to see anybody younger than you that you’ve watched grow up. It’s hard to accept them as they are when they’re older, so this is just my way of getting away from all the stuff that doesn’t matter and just live in the moment – right now what I feel and what I want to say.

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