Hair Grows Faster In The Spring And Summer – Here Is How You Should Milk It!


It’s no secret that your hair grows faster during the Spring and Summer months in comparison to the Winter season so why not try to maximize it.

If you are thinking that you want to take advantage of “growth season” and you need a fool proof plan to get it done, let me help you out.

Eat well

For some reason, it is easier for most of us to really focus on our diets during the Summer as we remain diligent at perfecting that Summer body.

Eat as much green food as you can to help feed your hair follicles with the vitamins and minerals they need to be efficient.

If you need help with staying on top of your nutrition, you might also want to try a hair vitamin over the Summer, get a three month supply and see how they work for you. My favorite vitamins include The Mane Choice and The Elongtress hair vitamins.

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Massage your scalp

Scalp stimulation with a great oil blend regularly enhances hair growth all year long so why stop now. Figure out a strict regimen for yourself and massage your scalp consistently all Summer long. To find out more about scalp massages read this post.


I know you will be in the gym anyway, but make sure you are getting it in for real! With great nutrition and increased circulation, you will create an environment for efficiency not only with your body but with your hair.

Walk, run, play tennis, whatever it takes to get your blood pumping you should do it!

Protective style

Give your hair a break during the Summer months by incorporating some really cute protective styles. Loose twists, braids, cornrows and low manipulation styles are better choices for the summer months if you want to more length during this season.

I know I am always preaching protective styles, but honestly, that is the only way to effectively retain length with afro textured hair so we just have to do what we have to do.

How do you take advantage of “Summer Growth” season?

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