3 Must-Have Products To Maximize Hair Growth Underneath Your Wig

Pop Smoke Braids Hair Growth Under Wig

Wigs are good for a number of things. They’re stylish, versatile, convenient, and most importantly, they encourage hair growth. This is because when worn safely and correctly, they’re one of the best protective styles we have.

Like braids and twists, wigs are something that never truly go out of style. But if we’re talking trends, wigs are hands down one of the hottest style options out right now. And if you wear them all the time, why not also simultaneously encourage hair growth?

It’s super easy to do—all you need is the right product. Here are five must-have products to maximize your hair growth while wearing a wig. 


As I Am JBCO Water Spray

hair growth JBCO water spray

Formulated with loads of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, this Jamaican Black Castor Oil-infused water is just what you need to keep your hair moisturized and strengthened underneath your wig. 

Instead of drenching your hair in water every time you need a fresh retwist or rebraid for your next install, simply section of your hair and generously spray each section with the Restore & Repair water before you moisturize, seal, and twist.

Not only will the formula make it easy to detangle and revive dry, old hair, but the nutrient-dense ingredients will penetrate your hair shaft and roots, which will increase hair growth if you use the product regularly. 


Camille Rose Cocoa Nibs Ultimate Growth Serum 

One thing we tend to get wrong about growing long, healthy hair is that we put a lot of focus on caring for the hair itself. Truth is, the real magic lies within how much concentrated attention and care you give to your scalp. 

This Ultimate Growth Serum from Camille Rose is well aware of that magic because it uses honey, alma, coconut, and sesame seed oil to stimulate and moisturize the scalp without causing any itching or product buildup. 

One of the best things about this product is that it’s for length retention, too. The formula works to prevent breakage all while giving your follicles and roots a healthy environment to thrive in.


Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Divine Strength Leave-In Conditioner

Weakened hair strands typically means your hair is lacking protein or you’re hydrating and/or moisturizing way too often. Simply put, a wig is not going to be an effective protective style if your hair isn’t strong and healthy to begin with. 

This Divine Strength Leave-In Cream from Carol’s Daughter helps solve that problem almost instantly. It’s blended with Castor and Black Seed Oils which work to make your hair stronger and resist breakage between styles and washes. 

The best part about this leave-in is that it makes your hair 15 times stronger after just one use and continues to strengthen it as it grows. Plus, it’s 4B and 4C friendly!

A few tips to help you out: 

  • Don’t just care for your hair initially, slap a wig on, and then forget your routine for days on end! Make sure you’re nourishing your hair and scalp a few times a week. 
  • Don’t twist or braid your hair too tight because it’ll cause breakage, which defeats the whole purpose of wearing a wig as a protective style. 
  • Do use oils in your hair if you plan on securing your wig with glue or extra-strength gel. You don’t want those products drying or ripping out your hair, unnecessarily. 
  • Do wash your hair in-between wig installs. You want to start your growth regimen on fresh hair and scalp to avoid buildup. 

Most importantly, be patient and watch the growth increase, sis! I know it’s a marathon and not a sprint, but if you use one, or a combination, of the three products mentioned above, you might just reach that finish line a little quicker!


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