Hair Plopping 101- The Viral Hair Technique for Defined Curls


Okay, gotta be honest here: If you have curly hair, we’re sure you know it can be an absolute joy, but sometimes, when you need it to act right, it can turn into a wild stubborn nightmare.

One day you’re pulling off some soft, bouncy, and sexy curls, and the next day it’s a frizzy, flyaway-filled, and horrific scene.

And while switching products or even hairstylists works, the secret to rocking sexy curls is knowing what works for you or employing an effective technique.

Thanks to a time out during quarantine, there have been myriads of hair trends coming up – some new and some not so new.

One of the trends gaining traction in the curly hair community is the hair plop technique.

While its name sounds like a giggle moment, this hair technique has been shown to enhance wet curls, cut down on frizz/flyaways, and offer flawless volume definition.

And though, yes, plopping can be a bit tedious, the results are definitely worth the potential trial and error.

So, to help you kickstart your hair plop journey, we’ve broken down the exact tips and –yup- instructions you need before diving into this curly hair revolution. Prepare for some Instagram-worthy curls.

What Exactly Is Hair Plopping?

Hair plopping technique   

Hair plopping is essentially a drying technique where your wet curls are encased in a cotton fabric and left to dry with minimal manipulation.

Sounds easy, right? No? Here’s a more defined breakdown.

Plopping your hair involves using a cotton T-shirt (or microfiber towel or pillowcase) to dry your wet curls in an enclosed mound on top of your head, allowing for increased definition and reduced frizz.

It’s basically a curly hair-approved substitute for twisting your bathroom towel around your head.

So, why is hair plopping better than the old twist and turn towel method, you ask?

Well, that’s easy peasy.

You see, when you wrap and twist your curls in a rough and nubby towel, they get all frizzed up and stretched out from all the twisting, thus damaging your sexy curls.

However, hair plopping keeps your wet curls compact and scrunched up, accordion-style, so your roots are volumized, curls clumped, and cuticles smooth, thanks to the baby-soft cotton fabric.

So How Exactly Do You Do It?

Source: Naturally Curly

• The first thing you need to do is make sure you are armed with the right products. These include:

 A leave-in conditioner

 A defining hair gel

 A blow dryer with a diffuser (optional)

 A cotton t-shirt hair wrap or microfiber towel

 A hair tie

• After laying your items on your counter, go ahead and start washing your hair as usual with your favorite shampoo and conditioner

• After washing your hair, don’t try to towel dry it. Gently shake your head to get rid of excess water, and then apply your products.

Remember to crunch the tips of your hair when doing this gently. It ensures the tips have some product and helps get rid of excess water.

• For the actual plopping process, flip your hair over, making sure your curls are pressed into the fabric. Afterward, wrap the fabric around your hair, and be sure to cover the base of your head to encase all your hair.

• It’s crucial to remember not to warp the fabric too tightly. You want to look like you’re wearing a helmet, not a turban.

• The amount of time you spend with your hair plopped is entirely up to you. Some people can only manage 15 minutes, while others prefer to do it overnight.

Kindly remember to consider the porosity, length, and volume of your hair when making this decision.

• After the desired amount of time, you can take off the head wrap and admire your beautiful curls.

You can also decide whether to let the hair air-dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser to speed up the process.


So, now that you’re armed with this information, what are you waiting for? Get your curls sexied up already!




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