Hair Style Cues From A 4yr Old – 4 Simple Hair Styles Perfect For The Super Bowl Sunday!


I wanted to do a cool little post today about hairstyles you can rock at your Super Bowl party this afternoon but then I came across the most adorable family Instagram called @beautyandthebambino.

Mom who runs the page often shares pictures of her children and occasionally of the entire family but most relevant today are the pictures of her little natural daughter who is often pictured repping the Falcons.

For me, this was not only adorable but perfect, because since the Cowboys are no longer a factor I am team Falcons and you should be too.

With that said, if you want to know how to rep your team today and what to do with your hair, let’s take some style cues from this little beauty from @Beautyandthebambino:

1. A Single puff

A no-nonsense puff that signals to everyone at the party that you mean business and that you are very serious about your team.

2. A fun defined twist out

Twist outs will always be a crowd favorite, wear it proudly with your jersey and do not forget to add an accessory for flare! – Get your partners in crime in line as well too, nothing wrong with the baby brother supporting the cause!

3. Double puffs

Double puffs are fun and if you used to cheer for your school then this little style was a staple. Wear your double puffs proudly and do not forget the bow!

4. A full on fro

I am a little partial to the full on fro so when I tell you this picture is what inspired this whole post you should not be surprised. Get your hair pick, add your bow and get into the game! Go Falcons!


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