Breonna Taylor, was a vibrant 26-year-old award-winning EMT, and today she would have been 27. When I thought about sharing this post I couldn’t help but wonder what today would have been like for Bree.

She probably would have woken up all excited and thankful for another trip around the sun smiling at messages from friends and family wishing her happy birthday.

Or maybe she would have planned a quiet dinner at home because she would have been off from working all night long as most essential workers often do.

Maybe she would have received flowers from a special person in her life or cake from her work family or surprised with a zoom party Saturday night.

There are so many beautiful ‘maybes’ we can come up with because we will never know. Breonna was killed by police officers shortly after midnight on March 13 in Louisville, Kentucky. They raided her home wrongfully fatally shooting her 8 times!

As we seek justice for George, Ahmaud, and countless others we are committed to getting justice for Breonna Taylor because her killers still walk free, without any consequence.
In honor of Breonna Taylor’s birthday, here are 4 ways we can help fight to get her justice.

Sign The Petition⁣⁣

Breonna Taylor

The petition seeks the following:

1. Charges must be filed immediately. Arrests of the officers involved, specifically John Mattingly, Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove, and any other officer involved in the death and coverup of the death of Breonna Taylor must be made NOW. There have been no charges thus far (it has been a month). This is unacceptable.

2. Her family must be paid in damages for wrongful death and the negligence of the LMPD.

3. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear must speak up on behalf of Breonna, and Governor Beshear or Attorney General Daniel Cameron must appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Louisville Police Department immediately. An in-house investigation is unacceptable.

4. The “no-knock” warrant that police had used in Breonna’s murder completely violates the constitutional rights to reasonable search and seizure. By law, police must be legally obligated to announce themselves before breaking and entering into a home privately owned by American civilians.

Legislation to federally ban no-knock warrants must be passed in Congress and signed by the President; what happened to Breonna was a complete violation of her constitutional rights, and threatens the rights of all American citizens.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has voiced similar concerns. A special session must be intervened by Congress to discuss the constitutionality of no-knock warrants immediately.
Sign the official petition to fight for justice in Taylor’s case⁣⁣

Donate to the Breonna Taylor⁣⁣ family

Donate directly to her family⁣⁣

Read their message:

The community has been reaching out in support of Bree’s family and wanting to donate to the cause. First off, we are SO THANKFUL for EVERYONE standing up for justice and saying her name! We’re not stopping until we truly get justice! All of you are such a blessing! It’s amazing!

Second of all, we are thankful for the offers for donations. My sister and niece are too proud to say it, but this is a tough fight and it does take a toll. They’re both hard workers and they’re missing out on some work (and sleep!) in this fight for justice.

We do not expect anyone to donate to this cause; your voices are being heard and that alone is so powerful! But because of all the calls and the overwhelming generosity, I have set up this account for them.

You all are a blessing. Thank you so much again for everything! And let’s keep this fight for justice going!


⁣⁣Donate To The Bail Fund

Donate to the Louisville Community Bail Fund⁣⁣

Attend Her Vigil

Breonna Taylor

For those of you in Louisville Kentucky, there will be a vigil ceremony and balloon release on Saturday, June 6 organized by the Taylor family in honor of Breonna. They are asking that you bring blue, silver, white, or cream balloons to Louisville Metro Hall of Justice at 5 PM and the balloons will be released at 5.45PM.

Breonna Taylor
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Please visit this mobile website for more ways to help! Happy Birthday, Bree!



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