Here’s How To Find Your Perfect Eyebrow Shape


Whether you draw them on or let them grow and flourish naturally, eyebrows have the ability to make or break your look. So many women struggle with achieving the look they want that they ultimately give up. However, when you strip down all the extras–what products to use, how to fill them in, and everything else–it all comes down to one thing: the shape. Every woman and man who spends time doing their eyebrows everyday will understand the struggle. But we still put ourselves through this, just to perfect the look. To help you out a little more in the eyebrow department, check out beauty companies such as Xlash for a bit more guidance. One day, you’ll have achieved the look that you have always been after. You might even be that good that you’ll only need five minutes to do your brows instead of half an hour.

Once you got the shape down, everything else is a piece of cake. Here are a few tips and guidelines that’ll help you find the perfect eyebrow shape.

Figure Out What Works For Your Face Shape

Your face shape determines what eyebrow shape will complement your facial structure and features the best. Below are the four basic face shapes as well as what eyebrow shape typically works best for them.

  • Round: “A round face is defined by a soft, circular shape where the width and length are almost equal.” The trick is to make the face appear longer, so you’d go for a brow with a higher, pointed arch instead of a rounded one.
  • Square: “A square face is defined by strong, well-defined angles in the forehead, cheeks, and jawline.” Thick, defined eyebrows in a bold color will balance out a strong jawline.
  • Oval: “An oval face is defined by balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead.” Often called the ideal face shape, oval faces work best with low arches with defined, angled points.
  • Heart: “A heart-shaped face is defined by a broader forehead and narrower jawline and chin.” Rounded arches work best. A longer face would benefit from a low arch or straight brow. However, a shorter/rounder face would be elongated with a higher arch.

Pinpoint The Arch

Properly placing your eyebrow arch will make the process a lot easier because it is ultimately your guideline. In order to determine where your arch will be, you need to figure out where the eyebrow begins and ends.

Take your eyebrow pencil and position it at the edge of your nose and lay it vertically; that is where your eyebrow begins. Again–in the same position at the edge of your nose, and lay it in a slant so it goes directly across your eye, through your pupil; that’s your arch point. Finally, place the pencil at the edge of your nose once again, but this time, lay it past the outer eye corner; this is the end of your eyebrow.

These three points will help you get down a basic shape. Play around with the thickness/thinness of the brow to get the full idea of what your brows will look like. Use the above picture as a visual guide.

The Right Products For Your Eyebrows

What products you use are dependent on your preferences. But if you’re a beginner, some brands may be better than others to start with. For an example, a sharp pencil like Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz Pencil would best for more defined eyebrows. On the other hand, thick and natural brows may have a better chance with NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. Products like Milani’s Stay Put Brow Pomade enliven bold brows.

Figure out what is easy for you to use and go for it!


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