You Are Hiring Me Not My Fro! – How A Seasoned Executive Resolves The Corporate Hair Dilemma


Natural hair and the workplace is still huge topic these days. Recently a lady asked the question in a public forum, Should she wear her wash and go to an interview or should she straighten her hair?

The responses to her questions were mixed some stating she should conform to corporate standards others saying “do you” stay true to your natural hair, they are hiring you not your fro!

So I asked an executive her thoughts and here is what she said:

“Let discuss this in a practical and unemotional manner. You apply for the job so the employer is running the show. They are looking for a certain look a certain presentation. Certainly you can make a political stand but when you accepted the request for the interview – what was the goal? Hopefully, it was to get the job.

Does changing your hair style really change who you are? I find that we put too much stock in our outer expression to define who we are but that we are much more than our hair style. At the end of the day it is our character, our integrity, and our confidence and work ethic that matters!

But wait don’t lose it just yet. I have more, as an executive who have hired many staff members, I know it is all about the first impression and I know outward appearance is important to hiring managers as well, hence the dichotomy.

Every system perpetuates itself by hiring those that they determine will fit in that system. There are systems that care more for what you bring to table than what you look like. In that realm, your beautiful natural hair in all its glory is a plus.

Then there are those systems that are more conservative and with them what you have to offer must be packaged in a certain manner. That beautiful fro may have to be a beautiful neat bun until your get hired.

At the end of the day it is always your choice but remember if you want to change a system you have to get in first.”

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Executive Dr. Carmel Munroe


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