#HonestBae Speaks Out – Says He Will Never Cheat Again


In a new video, Leonard Long II spoke out about his experience after the below viral video came out about his cheating ways with #hurtbae.

If you did not see it, watch below:

This is some of what he said:

“I was definitely emotional. Just because it wasn’t written all over my face doesn’t mean I didn’t feel some type of way. That’s the way that I process the moment,” he said.

“The fact that I hurt her…I can’t change that. But I can make sure that it doesn’t happen again. I’m 23 years old. I’m a young man trying to navigate the world. I’m going to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and live my life better…hold myself to a higher standard. I know I’m the most hated guy in America, but I swear I’ve changed. I would never want to put someone through that again.” “I’m proud of her. I hope she gets all that she can out of this,” he said.

Then towards the end of the video they play that Kanye song “I made that b*tch famous.” Watch below:

Basically he made her look like a stalker saying he could not “escape this b*tch” and attempted to suggest that she cheated as well. Kudos to his new girl, because he ain’t ready!


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