Hot Oil Hair Treatments Might Be the Solution to Your Frizz Woes – Here Are All the Facts


Have you ever poured a highly advertised, luxurious hair treatment on your tresses and expected it to give you Rapunzel-like hair but got no results?

Have you ever thought of using defibrillator paddles on your hair, yelling clear and then resuscitating it back to health? No? Just us?

Well, like your skin, sometimes the hair needs a bit more TLC, maybe even the code-blue-kind-of-care to help nurse it back to health. Enter hot oil treatments.

Yes, we’re talking about that amber liquid placed in a clear, plastic bottle stashed in your grandma’s miracle products’ cabinet.

It might be outdated, but according to studies, hot oil treatments are what aloe vera is to itchy, irritated skin. They work.

So, if you’ve been struggling with dry and damaged, brittle color-treated, or frizz-filled curly hair, keep scrolling to learn the simplest way to clarify, strengthen and keep frizz and flyaways at bay. Your hair will thank you. Trust us!

But first…

What Is A Hot Oil Treatment for Hair?

Hot oil treatments are, as their name suggests – a treatment applied to the hair using warmed-up oils.

They allow lost oils needed for hair growth to be restored. The treatment clarifies, moisturizes, strengthens, and rids your hair of dandruff.

The oils coat your tresses, protecting your hair from further damage.

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments

Most of the plant oils used in hot oil treatments contain properties that help moisturize and protect your hair. Other benefits of using these potent treatments include:

• Adds shine

• Improves blood flow in the scalp, promoting healthier hair

• Improves hair strength

• Moisturizes dry and brittle hair

• Offers dandruff relief

• Prevents frizz, flyaways, and split ends

• Reduces scalp and hair dryness

• Restores some health and shine to color-treated hair

What Oils Are Perfect for Hot Oil Treatments?

The best hot oil treatments are plant-based formulas like almond, coconut, jojoba, and olive oil.

Coconut oil helps enhance shine, moisturize dry hair, and soften the strands.

At the same time, people with oily scalps would benefit from using less fatty oils like almond and jojoba oil (they’re featherweight and absorb quickly to prevent an oily buildup).

However, hot oil treatments aren’t just meant to protect your strands. They help moisturize your scalp with natural oils like argan, castor, rosemary, and tea tree.

You should also make sure to use the oils three to four times a week for optimal results. They will help keep your hair healthy, moisturized, and prevent breakage.

Are Hot Oil Treatments for Hair Safe?

Even though hot oil treatments use plant-based elements, that doesn’t mean they are safe for everyone. If you have sensitive skin, these oils can trigger an adverse reaction.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of a reaction, ensure to look for oils that are 100% natural.

If you’re not sure about the safety of hot oil treatment, you can also try conducting a patch test days before using the treatment. If you don’t develop an itch or rash within 24 hours, that means the product is safe to use.

If you experience a rash or itchiness, you might have to test out different oil until you find one that’s perfect for you.

If you choose to DIY your hot oil treatment, use caution and, if you’re using store-bought products, follow the provided instructions.

You also need to pay attention to the temperature of the oil. Since the oils require to be heated, you run the risk of burning yourself if you don’t let the treatment cool down enough before applying it to your hair and scalp.

To test its temperature, apply a small amount on your wrist before using it.

Do Hot Oil Treatments Work on Wet or Dry Hair?

Yes, it does. Experiment with different techniques to see which works best for yoU.

Can You Leave Them Overnight?

Yes, you can. However, this goes back to what works perfectly for you. You can leave it on for 30 minutes or, for optimal results, allow it to sit overnight.

When it comes to rinsing out your hair, make sure to shampoo it twice to get the entire product out and then condition your hair as usual. You should use the treatment once a week or every few days if you have dry hair.

How to DIY A Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment

Most salons provide hot oil treatments, so you don’t need to figure it out on your own. Nevertheless, if salons haven’t been your cup of tea lately, you can try the DIY option. Just make sure to be cautious and follow the provided instructions to the letter.

With that, here are a few DIY hot oil treatments you can try:

DIY Hot Oil Treatment for Natural Hair

For naturalistas, this hot oil treatment has been shown to offer incredible results. To use it:

• Mix avocado, castor, coconut, and olive oils in an easy-to-use bottle

• Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water to warm up the oils

• Section out your hair and apply the product from your roots to end, massaging the treatment into your scalp as well

• As you clear every section, twist the strands and set them out the way

• Once all hair sections are wholly coated, pull your hair back, and place it under a plastic cap

• Sit under a dryer for 30 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water

DIY Hot Oil Treatment for Dry, Damaged Hair

Hot oil treatments

Those with dry and brittle hair need a hot oil treatment that will help restore their scalp health. To use it:

• Mix coconut oil and extra virgin oil in a squeeze-me bottle

• Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water to heat the oils

• When the treatment is warm, rake it through the scalp and strands (you can also try brushing your hair to spread the oil evenly before pulling your hair into a bun)

• Soak a towel in some hot water

• Cover your hair with the heated towel for 20 minutes

• Wash the product out with shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner

DIY Hot Oil Treatment for Type 4C Hair (Curly)

If you have curls, you know that navigating dryness and frizz can be vital in achieving desired curl definition. So, if you’re looking to achieve happy, frizz-free hair, ensure to whip up this DIY hot oil treatment. To use it:

• Start by wetting your hair with a spray bottle

• Detangle and section out your hair

• Mix avocado, coconut, and extra virgin olive oil in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle

• Place the bottle in a bowl of hot water to warm up the oils

• Apply the oils from your root to the ends, using a detangling comb to distribute them evenly

• Pull your hair into a bun and wrap your hair in a plastic cap and cloth-lined shower cap to seal in the heat

• When 60 minutes are done, wash your hair with shampoo and then condition it with your favorite product



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