How I Found Balance Between Single Motherhood And Entrepreneurship


Let me set forth a few definitions and place you in the right climate before I dive into this topic. I do not pretend to be an expert mother (is there such a thing?), nor the most successful entrepreneur in my circle of friends (thank goodness!), however, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share my opinions and point of view, so here we are. 

First of all, can I reeeeeally call myself a single mother? In a sense, if we are strictly talking about whether or not I have a life partner who is financially and emotionally supportive of myself and my daughter, then yes, I’m single single.

If we can expand our perception to say that I am not single because I have an amazing tribe of blood and chosen family who have my back, help when they can in various ways, then no, I’m not single in that aspect.

A forever flowing nod to my tribe is still very much on topic as there is no way that I would be able to balance being an attentive mother to a teenage daughter (15! All prayers accepted) without their love and support. 

I’m writing this article smack dab in the middle of my process; balance is an ongoing process. Entrepreneurship for me runs the gambit of not only business ownership, side hustling on the side of the day job, but also artists turning their passions into income. I happen to fall into all 3 of these categories and hell to the naw, it isn’t easy. 

What I am finding is that balance is actually a farce when it all comes down to it. The subject line was a ploy to draw you in, I’m not sorry. Time keeps on ticking, the world keeps on moving, shit keeps on happening, and we have to make a choice from moment to moment on how to approach what we are faced with.

Like the idea of regret – a useless word seeing as how you can’t go back in time and change a thing, balance in action is dependent upon a world that is in a constant state of change and therefore it’s not something that you can just be and then be done.  The spotlight should be on one’s emotional maturity and how easily or not they can be rocked from moment to moment. 

In the midst of outward chaos, with the guidance of mentors (highly recommend you have one) and mystics, I have developed methods to find and rest in my zen place? When I have songs to write, record and promote, new ideas bubbling, deadlines to meet for clients, a child to shuffle to and from activities, I find my center and work to stay level as a means to manage what would aim to stress me the f*ck out.

Over time as I take advantage of this amazing opportunity that has been bestowed upon me by the Emily Cottontop team to share my views, stories, trials, and triumphs I will flesh out some of my methods to gain and remain emotionally and therefore temperamentally stable. 

To share one method and not leave you hanging, a new consistent action in my life is meditation. Research, ask someone who does it often how they go about it. Learning how to quiet your mind and put life in perspective when it appears tumultuous can change your life.

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