How One Style And One Product Helped My Type 4 Hair Grow Quickly


When I first went natural, I had no idea what to do with my hair and so I did pretty much nothing to it. Funnily enough, I actually got a ton of hair growth from this because little did I know, “pretty much nothing” was actually something called low manipulation. My hair grew so long, so fast that I knew it would eventually slow down. And just like I thought, it slowed all the way down once I started styling it more. In fact, I hit a full-blown growth plateau.

When a growth plateau occurs, it’s usually a sign that you’re struggling to retain new growth. In other words, you’re losing as much hair as you are growing. I knew that was exactly what was happening to me because once my hair grew to a certain length, I was focusing more on the new style options I had, and less on keeping my hair healthy and protected. It was a great reminder that when you’re dealing with natural hair, you have to keep the same energy all throughout the journey if you want to see and keep your results.

After suffering through a good amount of breakage and split ends, I trimmed my hair and decided to go on both a hair health and hair growth journey. I decided to go back to the tried and true natural hair basics: low manipulation and protective styles. Instead this time, I did a little research and found one product that helped my hair grow in long and strong: Wild Growth Hair Oil.

The Product: Wild Growth Hair Oil 

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In my opinion, Wild Growth Hair Oil should be considered a holy grail product for growing natural hair because it gets the job done every time. The all-natural, plant based formula was great for me because I was confident that even if it didn’t help my hair magically grow to outrageous lengths, it was still conditioned and nourished my hair so well that it was bound to bring some type of benefit. Luckily, I experienced a great deal of hair growth by applying the oil two times a week, along with other products in my hair regimen.

My routine went as follows: Hydrate my roots and ends with water daily, apply or reapply cream moisturizes and oils every two or three days, deep condition weekly, and having a wash day every two weeks. Altering the routine to my needs when I needed to.

The Style: Twists 

Twists were my go-to style for a few reasons: they were both a low manipulation and long term protective style, they were versatile enough to put in a bun or a ponytail, I could easily add extensions, and I could wash and moisturize my roots without taking them out.

All in all, I did a full year of wearing nothing but different twist styles and it made a huge difference in length retention. I didn’t have to trim too much off my ends, nor did I experience breakage or split ends nearly as much as I was before. Using the Wild Growth Hair Oil while consistently wearing twist styles resulted in about 6 inches of hair growth in one full year.

My Type 4 ladies, what products and styles have you used to keep your hair healthy and long? Let us know in the comments below!

Picture source: (IG: fromato4z)


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