How To Acheive The Beyoncé Top Knot Bun With Natural Hair


Beyoncé hit the gram today with with a few pics done in her usual style.

See here:

Beyoncé topknot

The Bey-hive as you can imagine loved the fact that she even posted something, but personally I am more interested in the “messy” topknot bun she was sporting.

I love a cute bun, especially high buns that sit closer to the forehead otherwise known as a ninja bun. If you are like Bey and you like a nice tall bun then there is a way to pull it off if you have natural hair!

I found a video done by “Theycallmedeezy” where she demonstrates how she does her super tall ninja messy bun. To be honest after watching it I couldn’t help but notice that its quite the process but it might be worth it if you need a style idea.

Watch below:

If you have shorter hair and you have some extra hair lying around then you can try this method demonstrated by CrystalChanel:

Let me know what you think and if you like ninja buns like I do!


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