My signature natural hairstyle is the high bun or high ponytail! If you catch me in public and my hair is styled in anything other than a high bun with a headband to keep the edges down then I will pay you $100 bucks!

The high bun for me is not only a lazy style but its one that I think is the signature hairstyle that I have mastered after several years of wearing it. Everyone has a signature natural hairstyle that they wear pretty often but at the same time can get pretty boring over time even though you have mastered it.

This post is not about how to do your signature style but rather how to perfect it using added hair, tools, or whatever it takes to amp it up a bit.

Here are 5 ways you can amp up your signature hairstyle regardless of the one you have chosen for your natural hair.

High Puff With a Scarf

If you love rocking a high puff, and it’s your signature style here is one way you can amp it up. Use a scarf! Check out this short video by @goldynaps:

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High Bun With Added Hair

One of the cutest ways to amp up a signature high bun is with some weave! I tried this and girl, a bi*tch was cute!! Watch this video:

Please make note of the blue magic and the baby hair slay!

The Dry Wash and Go

If the wash and go is your go-to style then you might find that there are times you will need to redo it, but you do not have time to get into the shower and start from scratch. If you find yourself in this position then do a dry wash and go.

Now the dry wash and go isn’t really amping up the style necessarily you can redo the style without all the drama. The dry wash and go will help you to extend the style a bit and it helps if you can do something a bit fancy in the front.

See what I mean here:

Shapes and Undercuts

Signature Natural Hairstyle

Mam, if you are going to shave your sides and nape you might as well have a little fun. I love a sexy undercut on other women and yesterday my girl Janel did one for her sister nelly_mane.

Nelly has been rocking blue hair for a minute and she wanted a change so she got an undercut. I loved the little heart she added to the style, it just made the style *that* much edgier.

Do not be afraid to play! Watch the process below:

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Here is another example from @dreamcutbarberlounge
Signature Natural Hairstyle


Otherwise known as the teeny weeny afro, most of us believe we cannot amp up this signature natural hairstyle because of how short the hair is, but the truth is you can. One of my favorite vloggers to watch with a TWA is @astoldbybrittanyd because she embodies what I mean about amping up your signature style.

To be honest I have no idea if Britany has any intention of growing out her TWA because obviously this is her signature look. The point is she uses a combination of color, tiny style enhancements, and hair tools to keep her hairstyle regimen interesting.

Check out this deep side part tutorial she put on Instagram:

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Another option – Slick that bad boy down!

That’s it! Please comment below and let me know how you amp up your signature style! Oh and by the way, if you are thinking about protective style instead of a signature natural hairstyle? We have 35 of them here!



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