How To Create A Bomb Twistout On 4C Natural Hair Using My Fluffy Puffs Products


If you want to figure out the key to unlocking a defined, shiny and gorgeous twist-out set with your 4C natural you should probably watch the below video and read these 3 key points!

1. Use quality products – Type 4 hair thrives on all natural, thick and quality ingredients! Period!

2. Keep your hair hydrated, you have to deep condition and steam your hair consistently to keep the hair moisturized.

3. Keep it simple – The less manipulative you are with your fragile strands the more you get out of them.- Separate from the roots but keep much of the length clumped and defined.

Now watch Bubsbee demonstrate how she uses My Fluffy Puffs products to do a fab twist out:

Products used
Twist Frosting With Biotin

Key Ingredients – Avocado, Pomegranate, Jojoba

Regal 7 Growth Oil

Key Ingredients – Flaxseed, Castor and Tea Tree


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