How To Create A Perfectly Defined Fro


I am going to be honest here and state without shame that I am writing this post for you all knowing full well the level of hell I went through last week with my hair out in all its “fro glory”. I literally wet my hair allowed it to dry added minimal product (knowing full well I needed a trim) and GIRL! By the end of the week, I cannot even begin to tell you how tangled my hair was.

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The truth is rocking a fro can be super cute but if your ends aren’t sharp and healthy the tangles will ruin you and take all of your children away.

Now that I am done being dramatic here 3 things you need to do to get a perfectly defined fro!

Start With An Even Trim

It’s tempting to trim your hair in a way that only looks flattering in the current style it’s in because after all, that’s what matters in that moment. However, you have to consider what the cut will look like once you blow dry, flat iron, or style it any other way. So for that very reason, it’s important for you to trim and shape your fro in a way that’s generally flattering for your face shape.

Split ends can be a curly girl’s worst nightmare, and they are often the reason why we have to trim our hair in the first place. To prevent split ends from forming too soon after you shape and trim your fro, use a product designed to fortify, moisturize, soften, and protect your hair strands.

Define Then Fluff

So often, the full potential of an afro is never fully realized because the steps to achieve the biggest, most glorious afro are never taken in the right order! First, you must define your hair from root to tip, create volume by picking the roots, and then gently fluff out the ends of your hair. This will ensure that you have all the volume you need without ever compromising definition and moisture.

Pick a moisturizer that doesn’t weigh down your hair or leave residue behind is key to having shiny, bouncy curls. Use a curl defining creme that is lightweight, but elongates and defines even the tightest curls and coils with a soft, shiny finish.

Stretch And Style 

Afros can be as fun and flirty as you want them to be, and that means that sometimes flexi and perm rods are exactly what you need to spice up your look. Whether you want tight, face-framing curls or big, gorgeous coils, it’s all easily achievable! Wash, moisturize, seal, and stretch your hair before you decide on a style.

Personally, I much prefer to create a fro from a stretched style instead of a wet and go style like what I did this week. It gives me more control and you can easily prevent tangles before they even start. Try perm rods, flexi rods, rollers, anything that will stretch your hair and give you the look of a fro without all the tangles.

Do you often rock a fro, what’s your process?

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