Are you thinking about tying finger coils? This is probably one of the best finger coil tutorials I have seen in a while and right now it’s trending on youtube.

According to Refinery29 this particular method of defining your curls isn’t new — some of us have been rocking finger-styled curls since we were babies. But it’s still the preferred styling option for those who want definition without twisting or braiding. You only need your fingers (yes, really) and your favorite styling products.

You want to start your finger coils on wet hair, apply a curl cream or gel (for hold and definition), and separate your hair into loose sections. Then — piece by piece — twirl your hair around your finger. It’s that simple.

The Chic Natural blessed us with a clear and easy protective method you can try at home for the next two to four weeks. I would suggest, washing and conditioning your hair first using protein and then doing this style, just to ensure that your hair retains moisture and remains strong.

Here are the products you will need:
Gel – Green Eco Gel
Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer – Edge Control
Metal clips

Watch the video below:

What do you think, will you try it? If you need more ideas, read this post.



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