How To Do Skai Jackson’s Gorgeous Braided Ponytail From DWTS

Skai Jackson

The season 29 premiere of the show DWTS was this week and 18-year-old Skai Jackson made her head-turning debut.

The Disney channel Alum showed off her moves doing the Tango with her partner Alan Bersten dancing to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”.

Of course, we didn’t miss how gorgeous Skai looked rocking a long “messy” braid that complemented her two-piece ensemble.

On Instagram, Skai shared pictures noting that she thinks she nailed it! See below:


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I think we nailed it! @dancingabc #TeamReachForTheSkai

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Prior to her DTWS debut, Skai has been rocking braids as her Summer protective style, like most of us who have been thoroughly enjoying braids this season so the switch-up was cute.

Here are some of her braid styles:

Skai Jackson Poolside

skai jackson

Skai Jackson with her mom

Skai Jackson

Now about that braided ponytail

What’s cool about Skai’s braided ponytail is that anybody can do it at home if you have some braid hair or if your hair is long enough you can also create a version of her style that suits you.

How to do it

*Start out with freshly washed and conditioned hair for the best foundation

Because this might be a style you wear for a few days, we recommend starting out by cleansing the scalp and conditioning your natural hair thoroughly.

*Stretch your natural hair, using a blowdryer or by banding.

Stretching your natural hair prevents tangles and snags because you will be using a brush and possibly a comb to get the style to lay flat.

*Decide where you want your part (middle or side part) and brush your hair to start the mold.

Personally I am a left side part kind of girl, but Skai’s version was a middle part. Choose whatever works for your head.

*Use gel or a hilding spray to get your ponytail as slick as possible.

You can layer the gel to get the foundation of the style as smooth as you possibly can, this is by far the best method to get the hair to lay flat. Once flat you can use a scarf to help the hair to lay flat.

*Create a ponytail with your hair and then split your braid hair in half and add it to your ponytail

Secure your hair with a hair tie making sure it’s not tight but at the same time not “loosy goosey” – If you know what I mean.

The more secure your hair is the easier it will be for the added hair to remain intact.

*Cover your ponytail with your braid hair and combine your hair and the braiding hair together into a single braid.

Combine the hair with your hair as best as you can braiding all the way down to the ends.

Note! When you add the braided hair to yours do it in an uneven fashion so that when you get to the end, it looks more natural and not blunt.

Finally, secure the ends of the braid with a rubber band and then adjust it as you see fit.

If you want to create the same braided ponytail but without the messy look, check out this video by Chev B:

If you want to do a high side ponytail, try this version:

We really loved this video as well:

If you didn’t catch Skai’s performance on Dancing With The Stars, watch her kill it below!

If Skai keeps that up, she will win for sure! Have you tried a braided ponytail before? Comment below and let me know how you rocked the style.

Are you a side part kinda girl or middle part? I’m nosy!



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