How To Do Tribal Box Braids Inspired By Grownish Yara Shahidi

tribal box braids

If you watch Grown-ish then you have probably noticed Yara Shahidi rocking some super cute braided styles. One of my faves is her Tribal box braids which many of us have tried to recreate. This is the picture:

Tribal box braids

Tribal box braids are similar to Fulani braids, as a matter of fact, people seem to use the same name for both. I distinguish them with the size of the braid for my own general knowledge of whats out there. The tribal braids can be bigger in size and have fewer cornrow patterns.

Typically you have three big braids in the front, smaller braid sizes in the back and two cornrows on either side of your head that you can dress up with beads – so sort of a combination of both.

Full on Fulani braids look like these here. The name doesn’t really matter though, I just love how creative we are with braids! @DOPEaxxPANA published a very detailed tutorial showing how she recreated the style on her client!

Watch below:

Would you rock tribal box braids? Comment below!


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