How To Extend The Life Of Your Synthetic Wig

synthetic wig care

Do you have an old synthetic wig in the back of a closet that you just can’t throw away? 

The truth is not all synthetic wigs are made equal there are some pretty expensive options out there that are designed to last if you know how to take care of them.

With proper care, a quality heat-friendly synthetic wig can last up to three years, yes you read that right, THREE years!

If you figure out how to revive it you won’t have to throw it in the trash or feel bad for spending money on something that you have no idea how to fix.

Listen, Donna Summer said a girl works hard for her money so we get it!

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In this post, we will help you to extend the life of your old synthetic wig using a few simple steps and few products.

Here is what you will need

1. A Wig head
2. A wig brush
3. A blow dryer
4. Products – We recommend the Design Essentials Moroccan Oil Collection specifically made to extend the beauty and wearability of your human and synthetic, wigs, weaves, and extensions.
5. A steamer

This collection will be featured in the post

how to fix a synthetic wig

Prepare the wig for cleansing

Examine your wig on a wig head to see exactly what you working with.

Pin the wig down and using a wig brush or a vented brush remove some of the tangles in sections working from the ends to the root. 

The hair might still be a little stiff after you brush it but take your time brushing as much as you can to remove some of the matted parts.

Next, cleanse the wig, removing all the dirt, makeup, debris that might be caught in the hair.

You can use a mild shampoo to cleanse in a clean sink or in a shower with lukewarm water.

Try: Moroccan Oil Sulfate-Free Conditioning Shampoo
conditioner for synthetic wigs

This shampoo is specially designed to extend the beauty of your wigs, weaves, and extensions and can be worked through the wig strategically so that you don’t cause any unnecessary tangles.

washing your synthetic wig

You will notice that the hair will start to have some slip and feel less ‘ratty’ or hard as you soak and gently clean the strands.

After you have cleansed the hair, soak the wig in some cool water for a final rinse.

Remove the excess water by placing the wig on a towel and squeezing gently to stop the dripping.

“Condition” the hair

This part isn’t necessary but we highly recommend it!

Before you start the next step of blow-drying, you can add a ‘conditioner’ or heat protectant to the hair. 

The Moroccan Oil Detangling Blow-Dry Conditioner is a no-rinse product that isn’t a conditioner in the true sense of the word.

This product simply protects the hair during the blow drying process and can reduce dullness, and tangles.

Blow Dry The hair

Place the wig back on the wig head and separate the strands gently with your fingers to create sections to prepare the hair for low heat blow-drying. If you notice any loose tracks make a note because you can always sew them down later.

Using a round brush, lightly brush through a small section and start blowdrying using low to medium heat.

The most important thing to remember is working in small sections ensuring that you remain organized as you blow through the hair.

The round brush will help you to restore any curls that were previously in the hair and will help you to smooth and soften the wig as you move through each section.

Once you are done brush through the hair blowdrying any areas with high heat that need some extra smoothness.

Tips and styling an old synthetic wig

If your wig is clean and you just want to freshen it up, just brush it through and use a blow dryer on low heat to remove some of the kinks while it’s sitting on a wig head. The heat helps it to soften and removes some of the tangles.

If you want to create curls, separate the hair in sections and do a good ole roller set on the wig, steaming the hair using a handheld steamer like this one.

Trap the steam by putting a plastic bag over the head, holding the steamer strategically under the bag.

Allow the wig to dry completely, either for a few hours or overnight! Gently remove the rollers and gently brush and shape the curls and waves to your desired look. 

Need a visual? stylist GlamFam did a great video demonstrating how to revive and style a synthetic wig that needed a little refresh.

Watch this quick video:

Do you have an old synthetic wig you need to revive? Comment below and let us know if you plan to try any of the above tips!

This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by our partners over at Design Essentials however all thoughts and opinions are our own. Feel free to check out the last post we did with Design Essentials here.



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