How To Get A Top Knot With The Awkward Length Stage


Yall know how the awkward stage is, too short to do any common styles like pony-tails or buns and too long to rock that cute pixie you get when you first big chop.

Here is the thing though, with a little creativity you can actually get any style you want regardless of what stage you are in.

In the below video one of the dopest women on Instagram demonstrates how she gets a Top knot bun with little-added hair and a bit of creativity.

What you will need:

1. hair bands
2. Moisturizer
3. gel
4. Marley Hair
5. Bobby Pins

Jascmeen mentions in her video that this is a special occasion style and I have to agree because of the amount of tugging and pulling. With that said this style is not for everybody, I think I would have tried it at least once just to see what it would look like.

It is imperative to avoid tension on your edges especially at this early stage in your growth, at the end of the day edges are still life.

Get into this video:



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