How To Install An HD Frontal Ponytail Wig

HD pomytail frontal how to

HD frontal s are all the rage these days because it blends so well with your hair and skin. We came across Aaliyah Jay’s video where she created a ponytail wig using an HD frontal and the style was super cute and easy to do.

Aaliyah recently posted this photo to her Instagram:

HD Frontal on Aaliyah Jay

Here is what you will need to create this style:
HD Frontal
Ebin Tinted Lace Spray
Kiss All-Mighty Bond Dual Tip

This style is meant for those days when you wear your hair straight and you want to add a little razzle-dazzle to your natural hair.

Start off with fresh and clean natural hair

1. Wash your hair and deep condition it with protein to ensure that your hair remains strong as you begin the process of heat styling your hair.

2. Blow-dry and flat iron your hair straight and put it in a ponytail as you prepare the frontal.

3. Use a hot comb on your edges to ensure that your edges and hair is super flat flat.

4. Create a ponytail with your own natural hair, securing it neatly with a hair tie.

How to prepare your frontal

Place the frontal on a wig cap and start plucking it until you get a realistic hairline. One that suits your head.

Once you are satisfied with the hairline, spray the lace with Ebin tinted lace spray on the lace of the frontal.

This lace tint is made for fabric and according to the description of the product, it is formulated to match your skin tone, dries quickly, is water-resistant, and sprays evenly.

Place the frontal on your head to ensure that you are 100% ok with the final look of the lace against your skin.

Time to glue that bad boy down

You can use your favorite bonding glue or you can try the Kiss Almighty Bond Glue with the dual tip demonstrated in the below video to apply the glue to your skin.

Use the silicone tip of the bottle to carefully place the glue on your skin and spread the glue evenly on your forehead.

Place the lace front where you want it allowing it to set in place. You can always use the precision tip of the glue to add more glue on areas that you may have missed before setting the wig.

Cut the lace using your scissors or an eyebrow razor to ensure all of the lace is removed. You can also use the glue on areas you may have missed securing the frontal so that it looks flawless.


Let’s get that ponytail together

HD frontal wig on youtubeBraid the length of your ponytail and secure the end with a rubber band. Using wrapping paper, wrap your ponytail to protect your natural hair before you install the ponytail.

Prepare your hair extensions by adding hair glue on the track and weft of the hair and on the length of your ponytail so that you can wrap the hair around your wrapped hair.

Wrap the hair until you get to the beginning of your ponytail wrapping some of the hair around the start of the ponytail so that it can look as neat as possible.

Once your ponytail is secure, style the baby hairs in the front, and voila you are done.

As we mentioned in the beginning our inspiration for this style came from MsAaliyahJay herself, watch her full tutorial below as she creates a sleek ponytail using an HD Frontal.

Cute right? Comment below and let us know if you plan to try this style.

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