How To Prevent Makeup From Getting On Your Mask

prevent makeup from getting on your mask

Suffering from makeup transfer to your mask? Jackie Aina has the perfect solution that you can use to prevent makeup from getting on your mask.

The pandemic has truly introduced us to new predicaments and dilemmas in all areas of life, and how we wear our makeup is no different.

If you’ve tried to simultaneously wear a mask and a full face of makeup at least once in the last few months then you’d know that it seems impossible to do so without smearing and smudging something on your face. 

Some of us became so annoyed with this that we’ve opted out of wearing makeup altogether!

But now that we don’t really know when this whole thing will end, we can’t let one little mask stop us from being and looking like our best selves!

prevent makeup from getting on your mask
Since 15 June, face coverings have been mandatory in England when on public transport, travelling in an Uber or visiting a hospital(The Independent/iStock)

The truth is transfer-proofing techniques have been in professional makeup artists’ arsenal for decades according to The Huffington Post, and they’ve only gotten better with the advent of highly powerful sealants and fixing sprays, as well as sophisticated formulas of long-wearing foundation.

But for us regular folk this is a pretty new problem!

We have all had to figure out how to prevent gross makeup transfer which has to lead us to either ditch makeup all together or actually just adding makeup to half of our face! *insert shocked face emoji here*.

Lucky for us, beloved beauty influencer, Jackie Aina, came to our rescue with two kinda-obvious, live-saving tips: Aim for long-wearability by using primers and setting powders, and stay away from creamy and moisturizing products! 

Jackie explains that if you want long-lasting makeup that doesn’t transfer on your mask or anything else for that matter, you’ll need to stay away from liquid and cream-based products because they’ll be the ones to give you the most issues: 

“No dewy products! Well, at least minimize the amount of dewy, creamy products you use because those are the things that lift around and move around the most.”

Watch her video below.

Also, Read this experiment below via the Huff post:

Minimal Foundation And Powder Applied Through A Paper Towel

The Technique A general piece of advice I’ve encountered as a makeup artist is that less product, strategically applied, makes for not only a better result but a longer-wearing one.

This is especially true when there will be friction between the skin and another surface, a situation with which Sarah Cimino, a theatrical makeup designer, is quite familiar.

She designed the makeup for the burlesque Company XIV’s Seven Sins, in which dozens of actors wear masks and face ornaments of all kinds through the show’s seven acts.

“They don’t wear a lot of foundation, and that’s for a couple of different reasons,” Cimino said. “I do think that especially wearing a mask daily, is going to present a lot of challenges to our makeup but also to our skin.”

To minimize that effect, Cimino encouraged a minimal amount of product set with a translucent powder.

Following Cimino’s advice, on Day 2 of my experiment, I opted to use only concealer, rather than a foundation, because I wanted a little bit more coverage.

With this particular formula, a water-resistant one, it wouldn’t have made sense to use a damp beauty blender.

To avoid pulling up the product with my fingers, I followed Jackie Aina’s advice (repeated in many of her YouTube videos) to let the concealer sit for about 3 minutes.

At that point, I blended it out with a flat, synthetic brush. As an added layer of protection, I used an old lipstick trick from Cimino, with a slight twist.

I took a paper towel, pulled the ply into its two thinner parts, and held one piece over my face, pressing translucent powder over the paper using a clean latex sponge.

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