How To Rock Knee Or Thigh High Boots When Summer Is Over But Not Really


Getting your style together for each season is pretty straight to the point! In the warmer months, we show a little more skin and get a lot more flirty and fun with our style, and when it starts to get colder, layers and cute outerwear is how we flex our wardrobe the most.

But what exactly are we supposed to do during the awkward season change?

You know when summer is over, but not forreal forreal. Like, it might technically be fall, but the weather is at that really comfy in-between temperature where we could opt for a cute jacket or a crop top and be completely fine either way? Yes, that. It can be weird time for piecing together a cute look, but the key here is to mix and match.

One item you must have in your closet for the summer-fall transition is the thigh high boot. It gives just enough leg coverage for those colder days while also being versatile enough to wear with dresses, crop tops, light jackets, and even shorts. Thinking about giving this fun and sexy trend a try? Here are 8 looks that’ll give you some serious style inspiration.

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Shop your faves here! How are you adapting to that in-between season thing? Comment below!


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