How We Use Our Hair And Lifestyle Blog To Help Small Business

Years ago when we started Emilycottontop, it was a personal blog written from my perspective about my hair.
Those of you that know me personally, know that I prefer to be in the background. Unless you dig for dear life you probably won’t find a ton of pictures or videos featuring me, Emily, the woman behind the blog.
Like many introverts, I struggle with “coming out” and at the same time serving my audience effectively on a daily basis.
There is a delicate balance that must be met because my goal is to ensure that our publication is a business that remains authentically about the people we serve.
Simply put, in order to effectively serve others, you must meet their needs. And for our audience, there was a dire need for a platform that offered proper representation, community, and key information that helped them create solutions in multiple areas in life.
We realized early on that we could also serve small businesses in a similar fashion. Over the years we have found ways to work with small businesses helping them to amplify their voices using our content to introduce their products and services by speaking directly to our audience naturally. 
Here are 4 ways Emilycottontop has helped small business to introduce their products and services:
1. We let our colleagues tell their story
Storytelling is at the core of strong marketing and sales because it gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience in a real way.
It’s through your story that you go from a company just looking to turn a profit from a product or service to a beating heart with a mission that is not only relatable but genuinely aims to make a positive impact on the audience you’re catering to.
The best way to communicate your vision in a way that resonates with current and potential customers is by utilizing the same media platforms as them—such as Emilycottontop—to effectively tell your story. 
2. Your Product or Service is something our audience wants
What’s good enough for your people, is most certainly good enough for ours. We believe in authenticity and so we choose to offer a platform for products and services that can truly create solutions for whatever problems our collective audience may be dealing with.
At the same time, not every product and service is about fulfilling a need—a lot of times it’s about fulfilling a want.
With this in mind, we aim to amplify companies and brands that provide products and services that our audience could indulge in and splurge on, as well. 
3. The art of Collaboration 
The connections we have built over the years with clients and colleagues were and still are built through collaboration.
In our experience, we have found that a united effort creates the best content for products and services. To collaborate effectively we believe in:
  • Open communication
  • A consistent workflow
  • Setting goals and meeting milestones
  • Data analysis and progress reporting
In conclusion, our work with small business has given us the opportunity to showcase brands in a real, and shareable way that resonates with our audience naturally.
For now, we will continue to amplify the voices of small businesses by giving them the tools, outlet, and community they need to flourish and expand.
Personally, in many ways, Emilycottontop still allows me to work in the background, though
my voice—through the intention and purpose of Emilycottontop—is amplified as well. 


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