I Am Going To Try This Old School Wrapping Technique For My Straight Hair

My hair - Emilycottontop

Ya’ll .. I’ve been straightening my hair! I went to my first salon appointment around the end of August and I have my third press tomorrow at the Hair Spade Salon in Dallas.

Do I miss my curls? Girl no! Well sometimes, but the thing is, prior to my first visit to the salon, my hair was so darn tangled, it was embarrassing. Like how do I really “fix my key board to write about hair and my hair a hot matted mess in the back and the middle?”

I had to do something about it and fast. It needed a trim, I needed a break, I needed a change, I just needed to go to the salon and do something, so I did!

Now y’all know I rarely do pictures or videos but for the sake of context and so you can see what my hair is talking about, this is what it looked like on the day I left the salon last month:

My hair – Emilycottontop

We did a protein treatment which my hair loves and my stylist did a little curl action on it as well. (I had it bone straight last time).

I cut off a few inches and honestly she could trim some more because I really love clean blunt ends and will take that over length any day!

Over all I am happy with the progress, it is already growing back, the tangles are non-existent and straight hair is so low maintenance which is great because a rude gyal is busy.

Fast forward to this post! – I have only had one teeny little problem since starting this whole straight hair thing and its my night time routine! Sometimes I would like to wrap my hair to keep it straight but ya girl cannot wrap for shit.

However! I think I found a solution – Remember cross wrapping? We used to do this back in the day when we had relaxed hair and I cannot believe I forgot this technique. I found it again on Instagram and decided to document it here in case any of you need an alternative to wrapping as well.

Watch this video:

This is what I will be doing after the appointment tomorrow to maintain my press. I try to stretch my hair for at least a month, even with 3-5 day work outs.

Are you straightening your hair for the Winter? How do you maintain it?


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