“I Can See Hair Follicles Of Her Hair” – Child’s Parent’s Have No Answers After Their Daughter’s Braid Is Ripped Out At Daycare


Ya’ll this story is just downright despicable and there are too many of them. Read below where the parents of a 3-year-old girl are demanding answers after they say a chunk of their daughter’s hair was ripped out around nap time at a suburban daycare.

Yes you read right! Nap time!

Robin Reddick said she dropped her daughter Ariana off at a Kindercare in Oswego, Illinois, Tuesday morning. Hours later, she received a call from the daycare saying something happened to the child but it wasn’t an emergency.

When she picked her daughter up, she said she saw an entire braid had been ripped from her scalp.

“It looked very painful,” Reddick said. “I can see hair follicles of her hair.”

Reddick said Ariana’s teacher and the daycare only told her they noticed the hanging braid after nap time.

The couple took the child to a doctor, where they said they were told something forceful had been used on their daughter’s hair. They also spoke with DCFS and filed a report with police.

“How does something like this happen in the care of the facility?” Reddick said.

In a statement, Kindercare said it became aware of the loose braid and called the child’s family.

“Although no injury occurred, we also reported the incident to state licensing, so that they may look into the matter for themselves if they so choose,” the statement read.

The family said they want answers.

“I just want justice for my daughter,” Reddick said. “And I just want to know what happened. What happened to her at daycare that day.”

Watch below:


  1. These types of malicious acts against our children continue to happen because no one who does it is prosecuted for it. Misdemeanor….should be child endangerment! They love to hate our melanin!!!

  2. How can they say the child wasn’t injured? That is abuse. You can’t tell me they don’t know what happened. Whom ever was responsible for watching over nap time needs to be charged and I guarantee they will tell you who/what happened if it wasn’t them.


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