“I Could Stop Entertaining Today And I Would Be Ok” – Keke Palmer Shows Gratitude For How Far She Has Come


I have really been enjoying Keke’s style in her last couple of public appearances, all of which represent just where the actress is at this time in her life. Even Keke did a little glow-up recap herself alluding to the fact that if she stopped entertainment today she would be fine, and that she is grateful for how far she has come due to the arts.

See below:
I am so grateful that I have no words!!!! And I talk A LOT!! I could stop entertaining today and I would be okay.

I look at these photos of myself and I can’t believe that’s me. I still feel like the little girl in the last slide, hiding my grease stain with my purse 😭.

This has been my life since I was a little girl, and though it is not always easy and sometimes quite lonely, I don’t know who I would be without the arts.

The glow-up is truly real! see below:

Pretty in Pink

Keke with the braids

Then vs Now


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speechless 🖤

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Sometimes we tend to look at “glow-up” with some level of negative connotation especially when looking back on what we used to look like. But how we think about our development needs to be re-engineered a bit.

We tend to forget that at every stage of our lives we are in fact feeling our best and looking like our best selves. As we reminisce about our own glow up we have to show gratitude for the chance to mature and evolve, knowing that we lived our best lives at that time, and continue to do so right now!

Looking back, what experiences are you grateful for that shaped your glow-up right now?


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