I Have Heard Of The “No Kids Rule” But The “No Parent Rule” In The Salon Is A Bit Much


So I was having coffee this morning scrolling through Facebook looking at ya’lls comments and pictures and stuff and I saw a post in one of the natural hair group chats I am apart of that made me stop.

A mom shared a conversation she had with a stylist about making an appointment for her three year old daughter at the salon.

After they agreed on the date and time of the appointment the stylist told the mother that she could not stay in the salon with the child during the time of the appointment.

Read below:

color me slightly surprised and a little bit annoyed because this is the first time I have ever heard of stylists implementing a ‘no parent rule’ especially with a child under the age of 10. I would think it would be a little better for business if you have the parent involved in the process of styling the child’s hair so that you can get through the appointment. Right?

When you explore salon rules about having children in a salon during adult appointments a lot of the rules center around child safety because of the tools, wires, and chemicals in the salon. As a parent I can appreciate those rules and I am actually very uncomfortable with my son in the salon while I get my hair done because I cannot keep my eyes on him at all times.

If we reverse engineer this rule when you are styling a child’s hair, to me its the same thing. A stylist is typically focused on getting through the style and the parents can focus on the other aspects of the appointment. For example if the child get’s fussy, needs a snack, water, bathroom runs ect.

In addition to that, why would any salon owner want to absorb the liability they could face if anything happened to that child at their salon without a parent present?

I dunno am I missing something? – I need my stylists to chime in on this one! Do you have a ‘no parent rule’ during appointments for children? Let me know in the comment section below.


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