ICYMI, Jordyn Woods Has Been Giving Us #HairGoals Lately

Jordyn Woods

Plus-size model and entrepreneur Jordyn Woods has a lot going on these days. Between her modeling career, a brand new collection with popular fashion company Boohoo, releasing her own style of Eylure eyelashes, and a widely publicized beef with the Kardashians, Jordyn’s name hasn’t had a break from the headlines in months!

With all this new publicity swirling around, we couldn’t take our eyes off of her. Not just because of the drama, but the girl is serving us some looks, honey! Her glam squad has been working overtime, showing off her fly outfits, poppin’ makeup, and most importantly, bomb AF hairstyles.

From cute bobs to gorgeous goddess braids, here are 5 times Jordyn Woods was our #HairGoals.

‘Lemonade’ Braids

What To Tell Your Stylist: Ask for small to medium size feed in + box braids combination. The actual style is more complicated to describe, but because it has come back into popularity due to Beyonce sporting the style in her 2016 short-film adaptation for her LEMONADE album, you can walk into the salon and simply ask for “Lemonade Braids” in there’s a good chance that they’ll know what you mean.

Platinum Blonde Bombshell Curls

What To Tell Your Stylist: Ask for platinum blonde middle part wig or weave with light layers and voluminous body curls. This style can be done with a lacefront wig, a sew in with a lace frontal, or a wig or sew-in with a 6×6 lace closure.

Cornrows w/ Laid Edges

What To Tell Your Stylist: This is one look that’ll always be in style! Simply put, it’s medium-sized cornrows with extensions and laid edges. When you go to your stylist, be clear about how long you want them and how you want your edges so they can nail the look.

Asymmetrical Straight Bob

What To Tell Your Stylist: Ask for a straight, asymmetrical bob with a side part. While the cut is not exactly a blunt one, it is pretty neat so make that clear to your stylist. This look can be achieved with pressed natural hair, a wig, a sew-in, or even a quick weave with minimal leave out.

Bohemian Goddess Box Braids

What To Tell Your Stylist: ‘Bohemian Goddess Braids’ are just small-sized box braids with strands of curled hair left out in the middle and at the ends of every other braids. Instead of using a regular pack of straight braiding here, look for something curly so that you won’t have to curl the left out hair after your braids are done.

Would you try any of these looks for yourself? Comment below and let us know!


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