Let me just put it out there – I saw three dope covers promoted today and I *almost* put them together in one blog post but just couldn’t. They were all way too good to separate so prepare for some good ole Emily Spam.

So let’s start with Janelle shall we? Janelle Monae is the cover girl for InStyle Magazine’s Bad ass Women’s August issue and you have to see this cover:

As usual Nikki Nelms, killed it with the hair ensuring that her braid made a statement in every single picture. Here are a few snips from her cover story:

About embracing her imperfections

Dirty Computer was not only freeing in the obvious way. A self-professed perfectionist, Monáe has since started embracing her mistakes and imperfections. The things that make her, you know, human. “When I first came up with the motto ‘Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable,’ I should have added, ‘even if yourself is the other,’ ” she says. “At the time I would say it, but I really didn’t mean it.

“Embracing your uniqueness is an active choice,” she continues. “I don’t wake up looking flawless every morning. I don’t wake up feeling empowered. I don’t wake up feeling fearless. I have to actively choose to feel that way.” She adds with a laugh, “I’m like Issa Rae in Insecure, like, ‘Bitch, keep it together!'”

Janelle Monae Instyle

When does she feel powerful

Monáe thinks for a second. “That’s a tricky question because power dynamics do exist. For example, if I walk in [a room] and I’m the only black woman in a room of white folks and they are making decisions, there is a power dynamic there where I feel like I may have to assert myself more, or I may be a little uncomfortable, depending on what’s on the table for me to own. That used to intimidate me, but now when I walk in, I realize that I am an important piece of the puzzle. My ideas matter. What I have to create has the potential to shape the world, to change the narrative, to be more inclusive.”

Read the rest of her cover story here! Oh and click here for the second dope ass cover I saw today!


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