In-Flight Skincare Tips Beauty Bloggers Swear By


We are catching flights, not feelings or the virus this season. Travelling is exhilarating and allows you to explore the wonders of nature and different cultures around the world.

However, whether you’re taking a vacation to Kuala Lumpur or hopping off to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, planes have a flair for zapping the life out of you and leaving you feeling worse for wear.

There are several factors at play: overcrowded spaces, recycled air, and altitude. Certain research studies show that airplane cabin air is 20% humidity, 10% lower than a Miami summer.

So, if you want to arrive at your destination looking like you just walked out of a spa and not from a 30-hour flight, here are simple in-flight beauty hacks to try out.

Go Makeup-Free

Cabin air is hellish enough as it is, so covering your skin and pores with a layer of makeup can make matters worse. It clogs your pores with toxins and bacteria, triggering breakouts and skin irritation.

Flying makeup-free allows your pores to breathe and enables you to load your skin with healthy products while causing less stress. If you have a ‘flawless looks’ reputation and can’t get on board sans a full face, ensure you have a moisturizer and cleansing wipes in your handbag to wipe off the makeup once on air.

In any case, you can always apply fresh makeup once you land – it’s what famous beauty bloggers do!

Rock A Face Mask

This might be kind of hard with our other required face mask but a hydrating face mask mid-flight has been a thing pre-pandemic and just might make a comeback. It helps retain some radiance and glow at 30,000 feet while also soothing and protecting your skin from the harsh environmental toxins.

To get the most out of your masking routine, be sure to first cleanse with gentle face wipes. Use a mist to allow your skin to absorb moisture. Then go ahead and rock your sheet mask to replenish your skin, and lastly, use a moisturizer to lock in moisture.

A quick tip: to keep things fuss-free, be sure to use a dry sheet mask. Several dry sheet mask brands help boost your glow while also preventing any gloopy overspills. It’s definitely worth the in-flight whispers and funny looks!

Hydrate – It’s the Only Way to Go

One of the most popular in-flight complaints is dehydration, which is annoying since it triggers the overproduction of oil, leading to clogged pores. It doesn’t help that cabin air is like basking in the Sahara desert for hours.

The dry air in the plane is bound to make your skin uncomfortable. Especially keeping in mind that airplane air is 20% humidity and your skin regularly needs about 40% to 70% humidity.

To prevent breakouts and dry skin, be sure to fill your 12oz bottle with water. You might also want to pack some ultra-hydrating products in your carry-on to help lock in the moisture.

A serum rich in hyaluronic acid is the perfect option since it retains water – 1000 times its weight.

Keep the SPF Close

Airplanes don’t protect you from harsh UV rays. In fact, the higher you go, the higher the risk of getting sun damage – since you’re several feet closer to the sun and air is thinner at higher altitudes.

Before you panic and start threatening the airline for giving you the window seat, ensure you have your sunscreen or an SPF mist in your carry-on at all times.

Watch What You Eat & Drink

The best defense is a great offense. So, before you start making crazy snack orders, you should know that in-flight food is chock-full of sugar and sodium, which can lead to dehydration and puffiness.

It might sound cliché but consuming lots of water is unnegotiable. Try to veer away from caffeinated drinks as these will cause further dehydration and subject your body to oxidative stress.

If you’re in doubt, pack some healthy-low sodium snacks like fresh fruits, nuts, and herbal teas to curb onboard cravings and support healthy skin.



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