Interested In A Curl Sponge? – The Founder Of Nudred Curl Sponge Answers Two Pressing Questions


We have featured the NuDred Curl Sponge a few times on social media both here on EmilyCottonTop and on MRCottontop where our featured barbers have often used them to finish their style for a clean authentic look.

If you are new to the NuDred Curl Sponge, allow me to give you some background. NuDred was invented in 2004, and the sponge was created to easily curl, coil, twist, and lock afro textured hair.

NuDred is actually an acronym that means Nurturing, Uplifting, Divinely, Rejuvenating, Evolving, Daily created by the company that represents their greater mission.

The company is committed to inspiring greatness, creativity, health, gratitude, and love for self and others. The focus is to continue to expand with high-quality products and services assisting in those endeavors

The NuDred Hair Sculpting Tool

There are two options in the hole size. The small/standard size capable of styling all hair lengths, however, will work better to create tighter twist or coils on shorter hair. The large holes are better for long and large afros, however, it will make the coils and curls looser and bigger.

Check out this demo:

With that said I had a few questions for Co-Founder Bruce Boyd, surrounding what led him to his invention and also to answer some of the concerns we have received after sharing the sponge on social media.

This is what he had to say:
1.Nudred is the original twist/coil sponge. What inspired you to create it?

NuDred was inspired and created to help consumers buy more time while efficiently and effectively styling their hair in a twist, curl or lock style.

After seeing my business partner use a bath mitten on my son to create twist, I was amazed, and just kept thinking how the afro pick was so cool, and that we should create something that is like a modern-day hair tool for twist and locks that would do what the afro pick did for afros back in the day.

2. One of the things I’ve seen a few people say about the sponge is that it can dry out your hair. Is that true? And if so, how often should it be used?

There are numerous sources that can dry out your hair, from your pillow case to certain ingredients in solutions that are used on the hair etc, etc. Here is the thing: NuDred is beyond a sponge it is a system, and within the use of our system we highly recommend:

  • Always use a moisturizer on the hair and the sponge when using NuDred or any other sponge.
  • Use NuDred gently. I so often see in person and videos of those using sponges with too much pressure as they go in the circular motion to create the desired results. We make quality sponges focused on the health of the hair, therefore, using closed cell foam from the U.S. that will not pull, dry or cause any other damage to the hair.

3. I understand that the Nudred sponge lasts much longer, better quality etc. than some of the other brands out there. If I can keep it for months – how do I keep it clean?

NuDred is better than all the other brands, hands down. We have witnessed those who have had the same NuDred for 3-5 years and more.

Within our system we have a cleaner called Sanitize I.T. This is a cleaner that can be sprayed on to the sponge, it dissolves quickly and cleans the sponge thoroughly.

However, if you do not have Sanitize I.T. we recommend using soap and water and allow it to dissolve into the sponge then deeply massage it into the sponge with their hands a couple times or so then rinse thoroughly, followed by a towel press to dry.

If you are in the market for a curl sponge check out NuDred on their website here, their line of products here as well as keep up with them on Instagram here.


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