Is He Right Or Wrong? Mom Puts Her Child’s Father On Blast Because He Brought Food For His Son And Not Her 3 Other Children (not his children)


A video of a mom going off on her baby father is going viral because people are debating whether the father is wrong or right.

In the video, the mom says she has one child with the man she is putting on blast.

Her issue is….whenever he comes over with food, he brings only one meal to take care of his son, even though she has three other children (not by him).

She does not think it is fair for him to ignore her other children even though they aren’t his.

She thinks his actions alienate her other kids.


Twitter weighed many of the opinions siding with the guy.

Read below:




and there were others that think he should have considered the other children.


What do you think? Is he wrong for just focusing on his son or should he have gone the extra mile for all of the children?

Comment below!

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  1. It’s the same issue that surfaces during Christmas time…you have one kid, but everyone else has 5…you have to buy 5 presents and everyone else has to buy 1? The one with the one child likely has the least amount of money (or they would have had more than one…maybe)…🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. It’s not a right or wrong situation.I have a young nephew that I take to events or he just spends the weekend with me. He has a younger brother his mother had by another man. Now when I take my nephew out and he returns home with gifts I bought him, I will buy one thing for his brother. Do I feel compelled to buy his brother things, no, but it’s just a kind thing to do. He doesn’t have to buy her other children anything. Question, are the other babies daddy’s buying his son Mcdonald’s?

  3. No, the daddy does not have to purchase food for the other children, however the young lady made a decision to inform him that if he is not bringing food for all, do not bring food for none. I would not want my kids standing there waiting on food as they did in the past, which she mentioned, to see they are not receiving anything. (As for their father’s, let’s assume they are deceased). I asked the question to the males in my family including my husband and all, but one agrees that they would have purchased food for all.

    One another note, if the food came up to $40. He could have gone to the supermarket or gave her the money to buy hamburger meat and bread. (Not on topic) 🙂


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