Issa Rae Has Acquired A New Hair-Care Brand

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Most of us know by now that in addition to being a great actress, writer, and producer Issa Rae is an avid investor.

This time she acquired a new haircare brand called Sienna Naturals. Issa Rae will join founder and CEO Hannah Diop as the owner of the line dedicated to textured hair.

In an exclusive with Allure, Issa shared that “I’d been watching Hannah’s journey for a while, seeing her developing these products.

I got interested in the natural, organic side of hair care,” says Rae. I felt like this was a great opportunity to partner up — not to mention obviously loving what the products did for my own hair.”

“I’ve known Hannah for a long time, and I got to see the brand evolve from her home. It’s expanded so much beyond that.

The care and the research that has gone into this natural, safe, healthy brand, I knew that I wanted to be involved,” Rae said in a statement. “We get coerced into manipulating our hair into styles not right for us or using damaging products.

I have an opportunity to make hair care digestible via my sense of humor, my openness to my own hair struggle journey.”

Sienna Naturals announced the new relationship yesterday in an Instagram post:
Please give the warmest welcome to the newest addition of the Sienna Naturals family,

@issarae! 👏🏾🤩✨ We are OVER THE MOON excited to finally share with you what’s been in the works over here. This week has been one for the books and we are beyond happy to have all of you on this journey with us.

In a phone interview with Allure, Issa shared a little bit more about co-owning a beauty brand.

Issa Rae X Allure

ALLURE: What’s the most interesting or valuable thing that you’ve learned being on this end of co-owning a beauty brand?

ISSA RAE: I think ingredients are so important, specifically thinking about how the past products that I’ve used have all been primarily focused on styling.

I think, for me, it’s been getting to the root of taking care of your hair, making sure that your scalp is healthy, [knowing the] ingredients, and making sure that you’re not manipulating your existing texture or the existing oils in your scalp.

There’s no one product that fits all for our type of hair, but if there’s a product that considers a texture specifically and the care of it, that can go a long way. I’ve learned about the ingredients that do just that.

ALLURE: I imagine it’s quite an eye-opening experience when you learn how the sausage is made. Ultimately, I wager it makes you conscious of learning what ingredients actually do and why they’re there.

IR: I think with Hannah, who has become a major hair nerd, in crafting this product [she’s] making sure that it’s safe, healthy, and vegan.

Even in conversations with her, you feel comfortable knowing that [you’re] actively taking care of your hair as opposed to just experimenting.

ALLURE: Obviously, all the products are your favorite, but what are the ones you use the most in your day-to-day?

IR: I wash my hair quite frequently, so I would have to say the shampoo, conditioner, and the deep treatment. The Plant Power is amazing and I tend to be lazy, so I need something that is going to last me a long time, [something that’s] going to make my hair feel soft like it’s intended to.

The Plant Power does just that. And I have dry hair and it can be brittle — this restores my hair to help it feel healthy again. I also love the daily oils. I have a very dry scalp, but it really just nourishes my hair and doesn’t feel too gunky.

Even just using it the other day, I had a photoshoot. Felicia [Leatherwood] always asks me what I put on my hair before she starts to touch it. And she was just like, “Your hair feels so soft and healthy. What did you use?”

ALLURE: You mentioned you’re kind of lazy with your hair, which I can relate to because I really don’t have time to be doing the most. What’s your wash day routine like?

IR: I’m very much a wash-and-go type of person. I wash my hair and condition it on a typical day, then add oils and a moisturizer.

The Dew Magic I use if I’m feeling like I need to get out there, [if] I need a bit more moisture, I’ll use the curl elixir and keep it pushing.

But I use various styling products depending on the day and where I’m going. Now that work’s [slowed down], I’m doing less admittedly, but I do find that at least it makes me look like I tried.

Read the rest of her interview here.


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